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    Clarissa Stark

    Taking stock after seven semesters

    Say it like you mean it – three years of The Hoot / seven semesters of The Hoot. What! Three years, seven months, and four days ago when I first stepped foot onto this campus, Brandeis was a different world. Every year, changes have mounted to the point where I know that this university will […]

    Chock full of latexy goodness

    The lights flashed once and a scream echoed through Levin Ballroom. I was sitting close enough to see every potential Janet Jackson wardrobe malfunction. This was going to be good…

    SunDeis in the spotlight

    I couldnt make it to either of the Lifetime Achievement Award winners movie question and answer sessions, but I hear that Patricia Neal had a lot of gossip to dish about actors shed known in the fifties and sixties, and that Roy Scheider is a really nice guy. The Scheider part was interesting;

    the movies one knows him best for are two: Jaws, which causes my mother to remember something about a wet black t-shirt, a soundtrack and, oh yeah, that mechanical shark;

    and All That Jazz, which makes me cringe because its a musical, if written by Bob Fosse. Neals major accomplishment besides being a really good, gorgeous actress whos won an Academy Award is a marriage to Roald Dahl, author of children's books including Matilda and The B.F.G.

    Breaking the mold with Dimension 3

    Did you know that you can check out your fellow Brandeis students artwork right here on campus without snooping suspiciously around the art building or waiting until the Festival of the Arts? Its true.

    An art break

    When I woke up on Wednesday morning, I did not think I would later find myself surrounded by works of art that include pieces from the likes of Andy Warhol, Rembrandt, and Goya. Thats the thing about art, though- sometimes it sneaks up on you when you least expect it. I often see art in the margins of notebooks and in past semesters with roomier schedules it has been in the Goldman-Smith art building, where I racked up hours of studio time in classes that have been some of my favorites here at Brandeis.

    There’s no place like Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip

    Your Monday nights at ten just got a new home. Just tune in to NBC and prepare to indulge in some televisiony goodness.

    Due date for Arts Fest grant extended

    Every year, the Office of the Arts funds aspiring performers and artists within the Brandeis community. Undergrads, grads, as well as staff and faculty, are all welcome and encouraged to apply for Festival Grants.

    With a side of sushi, please

    If you ever find yourself wandering around Eliot Street in Harvard Square, passing by Tanjore, the Smile Thai Caf, or a mysteriously deserted IHOP, take some time and follow the yellow brick road (well, more like the stacked cement cubes) down into a little hide-away chock full of Japanese cuisine goodies.

    Stand by your man

    Ladies and gentleman, Ron Livingston has returned to the screen. The small screen. The very small screen. Much smaller than a cubicle but larger than your average TPS report (new cover sheets notwithstanding).

    Fall TV Preview

    If the wacktastic weather, classes, and people you havent seen in three months dont convince you that its fall, theres one surefire thing that will. Its the kickoff of the new fall tv season. If you havent spent much time in front of the tv being bombarded with ads about what to watch this fall, or if you need a little trigger to help the brainwashing kick in, heres the lowdown on whats on.