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    Daniel Duffy

    SDS, or: How we learned to stop worrying about the war and organize

    We are quite the topic of conversation.

    A buzz these days among liberal America has been about the students. The question that gets asked a lot in the liberal discourse is: Why arent the students protesting the Iraq War? Yes, activist student groups like Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) have sprung up in the face of this unjust war, but there doesnt seem to be a movement yet. It seems that the sense of injustice in students that the Vietnam War touched on is not the same today. Id wager that the Bush Administration is crossing its fingers as it continues to test students tolerance for injustice. The war has long since proven to be an incredible disaster and an enormous atrocity, yet still our threshold has not yet been crossed.

    Fair Trade Brigade member explains coffee sales

    Over the past year, the Fair Trade Brigade has encouraged the Brandeis administration, Aramark and the rest of the schools student body to make a complete switch to Fair Trade Coffee sales and consumption. In our effort to push this change, several potential problems have been brought up by those concerned with possible unintended consequences of a complete switchover, so Id like to address some of the ones that Ive heard often.