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    Union Judiciary accepts suit against Chief of Elections

    Following April’s Senator-at-Large elections, the Union Judiciary accepted a suit from former Senator-at-Large Andrew Brooks ’09 against former Union Secretary and Chief of Elections Nelson Rutrick ‘09. During an interview with The Hoot, Brooks alleged that Rutrick “was not enforcing the rules” regarding libel, slander, and campaign requirements. According to Rutrick, the rules for libel […]

    Competition breeds quality

    Fingers pound across the keyboard as the 10 p.m. “suggested deadline” flies past like a runaway freight train. The Treasurer of the Union is speaking into your ear as you send three e-mails at once. Your word count rises, along with your editor’s blood pressure. Breaking news is breaking loose, as a smile creeps across […]

    Jewish chaplain search continues

    The Jewish Chaplain Search Committee is interviewing two candidates for the position of Jewish Chaplain according to a school-wide e-mail sent Tuesday. The university has been without a rabbi since Rabbi Allan Lehmann left in April 2007. “Candidates must demonstrate intellectual and scholarly achievements in Jewish learning, strong teaching and interpersonal skills, and must be […]

    After negotiation, Student Events returns to F-board oversight

    Following two weeks of negotiations, Student Events has agreed to return under the oversight of the Finance Board. Student Events, citing delays and inefficiency with the F-board’s method of accessing funds, placed themselves under the jurisdiction of Senior Vice President of Students and Enrollment Jean Eddy in November. “The Union presented all their changes in […]

    Darwish, students speak out about UBSC appeal

    The suspension of Transitional Year Program student Mamoon Darwish continued to stir up debate on campus this week, after it was announced that the second of his two appeals would not be heard until June. Darwish, whose first appeal will be heard April 8, was suspended in February following a fist fight outside of the […]

    FIRE founder discusses speech

    Harvey Silverglate, founder of the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, spoke to an audience of over 60 about the decline of the freedom of speech on campuses Wednesday. FIRE, a civil liberties non-profit group, was a vocal defender of Prof. Donald Hindley (POL), who was reprimanded by Provost Marty Krauss in November for alleged […]

    Students return from West Bank

    After weeks of planning, a student delegation from Brandeis University visited the Palestinian Territories over February break. The $28,500 trip was largely funded by former President Jimmy Carter, who challenged students in 2007 to “visit the occupied territories for a few days to determine whether I have exaggerated or incorrectly described the plight of the […]

    Mailman: consultation and collaboration

    Bolstered by the university’s notification systems as well as student-oriented services such as Residence Life and the Brandeis Emergency Medical Corps, the Mailman Counseling Center is one of several mental health options for community members. Over 550 students visit the center per year, and approximately half of every graduating class has visited Mailman before leaving […]

    Senate, E-board at budget standstill

    Despite weeks of debate and revisions, the Student Union Senate postponed a decision over its fourth budget proposal on Sunday. The Senate cited the lack of specific committee fund allocations in the Senate Operational Budget, as well as $2,500 allocated to Director of Campus Life Christina Khemraj ‘09 to plan a party as their main […]

    For low-brow laughs, you can’t resist Meeting the Spartans

    Charming! Hilarious! I laughed out loud! I say this so the cast and crew of Meet the Spartans can write something positive on their DVD. But despite the 3 percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes, I actually enjoyed Meet the Spartans. Maybe the reviewers are looking at it too harshly, for what it is—if you’re a […]