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    Dmitry Vilner

    Why our Iran Resolution is crucial

    When approximately fifty Brandeis students stormed Washington D.C. last November and lobbied Congressional staff on behalf of a stronger U.S.-Israel relationship, they made a serious and immediate impact. This ground-breaking task-force, the first of its kind emanating from Brandeis, not only educated and enlightened very important lawmakers in our nations capital, but it allowed students to form their own personal relationships with Congressional offices and continue communicating and lobbying well after the overnight trip ended.

    Stop Somervilles divestment campaign

    Something is rotten in the city of Somerville, Massachusetts. Having lost a campaign to divest city and corporate funds from Israeli bonds by a 10-0 city council vote last year, the Somerville Divestment Project (SDP) is at it once again, resurrecting the issue and this time backing it with a bevy of funding and outreach programs designed to reach as many Somerville voters as possible.