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    Herschel Hartz

    More exciting than parents weekend?

    This weekend was officially Parents Weekend. As such, Brandeis administration rushed to make sure that the school we all enjoy year-round looked nothing like it did when the parents are not here.

    De Montesquieu move over, these are real political gurus!

    Amazingly, last Sundays Talib Kweli concert was not the stupidest planned concert ever. It was actually fun. But still, Student Events did little to discourage stupidity on all fronts.

    First off, why would anyone in their right minds schedule a concert on a Sunday night in the middle of prime mid-term season? Granted, it might have been hard to find an alternative time but my Sunday nights are normally filled with a romantic comedy, hip-widening chocolates, and trying on the latest line of Clinique make-up.

    The spirit of Yom Kippur Forgiveness? I think not!

    Many members of the Brandeis community approached me last week asking for forgiveness, with the dramatic day of Yom Kippur coming on the horizon. For my non-Jewish friends in the audience, this is the time where we are supposed to ask for forgiveness for all of our awful sins from G-d (including my lust for Katie Holmes) and each other (including Katie Holmes. Yes, Katie, I am sorry for stalking you).
    But that brings up a good point. What exactly does one say to someone who pleads and begs for forgiveness? Who is going to say no? You sit there and think, Hmmmwhat drugs is this person on? And the answer is, Sure. Of course Ill forgive you! when in reality, all you are thinking is, Just go away!
    Who really is going to have the nerve and gall to say No, I dont forgive you!? Jeez, that person must be an incredibly selfish and rude person. And that person is, well, me.