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    Jenna Fernandes

    Study Abroad continues to set records

    35% of the junior class will have spent at least one semester abroad this year, equaling the record setting percentage of last year. This is a large jump from the 28% who ventured outside of Brandeis in the 04-05 academic year and the 22% who did so in 03-04.

    Panel cites changing immigration ideas

    A discussion panel entitled Uncovering the Myths of US Immigration was held Wednesday night in the Shapiro Campus Center Atrium. The panelists were Ali Noorani, Nadia Kim, Lucia Reyes de Deu and Alejandra Pineros-Shields.

    9/11 widow shares story

    Susan Retik, who lost her husband on Sept. 11th 2001, spoke Wednesday night at the Womens Studies Research Center in an event entitled Cycling Forward to Afghanistan, A Sept 11 Widow Speaks.

    Marder wins award

    Professor Eve Marder (BIOL) has been awarded the Ralph W. Gerard Prize in Neuroscience for outstanding work in the field of neuroscience.

    ANTH offers new Masters in Cultural Production

    The Brandeis Board of Trustees has recently approved the creation of a Master of Arts (M.A.) in Cultural Production, an interdisciplinary graduate program of the Department of Anthropology.

    Experts discuss effects of Katrina at teach-in

    A panel of eight experts presented their analyses of the varying effects of the Hurricane Katrina disaster in a Teach-In called Understanding the Post-Katrina Crisis, which took place in the Schwartz Auditorium Monday night.

    Dean Adams brings new life to campus diversity initiatives

    Jamele Adams has officially taken up residence in his new home in the office of student life. As the new Assistant Dean of Student Life for the Support of Diversity, replacing Nathaniel Mays, Dean Adams describes his role on campus as two-fold. As an Assistant Dean, he is here for the maintenance of operations;

    making sure Brandeis University is meeting the expectations of the students and that the students are meeting the expectations of Brandeis.

    Salameh Nematt discusses Islamic-Western relations

    Salameh Nematt, Washington Bureau Chief of Al-Hayat International Arab Daily in London, gave a talk and fielded questions Monday afternoon regarding Islamic-Western relations.