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    Jessica Tauber

    Of course Brandeis not everyone’s first choice

    There was an article in the paper last week discussing whether or not Brandeis is anyones first choice school. To me, this topic seems to be ridiculous. Of course there are people whose first choice is Brandeis. If there werent, the university wouldnt bother with an Early Admissions program. But for people who still dont think that there exists a student who didnt apply to Brandeis as a last resort, I would like to say that I applied to Brandeis as my first choice.

    Three directed writing classes

    The two weeks in the beginning of the semester are the time that each of us finalizes our schedules. We add, drop, and swap classes, rearranging them in any way we can to maximize the amount of sleep and free time and minimize the amount of work while filling the necessary requirements. This time is stressful enough all on its own, as our choices will determine the rest of our semester and even affect the rest of our college careers (whether we fill our major requirements, whether we graduate early, on time, or late, etc). Now imagine being unable to set your schedule. That is the experience I have been having since coming back to Brandeis last week.

    Unique steps

    You might have seen us practicing in the Village, doing a step or two in Sherman during meals, or at the Fall Fest Variety Show on Saturday night. If you did, you might have some idea of what stepping is.

    Have you ever heard a Banshee shriek?

    If you had told me a couple years ago that I would be playing ultimate frisbee when I got to college, I would have told you that you were crazy. Everybody knows that ultimate frisbee isnt really a sport. Ive been on soccer, basketball, softball, and volleyball teams for as long as I can remember. Those are real sports, requiring skill, stamina, and accuracy. Theres strategy in those sports. Frisbee doesnt have any of that. When I thought of frisbee, I saw images of people casually tossing a disc around in the park.
    Even now Im not so sure how I ended up on the team. I remember walking around with my friend Keren during the Activities Fair trying to figure out what to join. As we were looking at the different clubs we came across Katie, who was standing behind the Banshee Ultimate Frisbee table telling us we should sign up because she got a dollar for every name on the list. Keren suggested we both sign up and try it out together;

    her Orientation Leader was on the guys Tron team and said it was fun. When it came time for the first practice she couldnt make it and she said I should go and tell her what its like. Now its nearly two months later;

    shes never stepped foot on the field and I am still on the team.