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    Michael Goldstein

    The Gold Standard: A history of the Student Union

    Several readers approached me after last week’s open letter and expressed interest in my passing reference to Adam Herman ’04. Adam is largely forgotten, even in the Union. I have met him only once, but administrators and Union elders have told me often of his strong work ethic, his go-getter attitude, and his dedication to […]

    GOLDSTEIN: Justice theatre reviews insulting, poorly written

    I dont envy the position of the arts critics here at Brandeis;

    those who choose to write for The Justice, or more recently, The Hoot, about the many theatre and music events on campus have their work cut out for them. Talented critics are sharp, concise but effectively spoken, observant, informed about both the work with which they are presented and the works that relate to it and objective about their study difficult traits to cultivate without serious experience or guidance. And as our university lacks an intensive journalism program, little training for newspaper staff writers, and few if any classes on film, theatre or music criticism, it is difficult to find a place on-campus to develop the necessary skills to write a solid newspaper critique of an arts production.