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    The Gold Standard: Response to the State of the Union

    I suppose that I should be both flattered and flabbergasted at having made the first line of Union President Shreeya Sinha’s ’09 State of the Union Address this week. The sentence, to paraphrase, was something like “We’ve had a rough year; the Secretary was guilty of massive corruption”. In her Justice interview with Claire Moses […]

    The Gold Standard: Letter to the Brandeis Senate

    My Dear Senators, The Senate meeting I attended on the evening of Sunday, February 10 revealed a body in deeper turmoil than I have ever seen it. For the second week in a row, the Senate has rejected a budget as presented and prepared by President Shreeya Sinha ’09 and the E-Board, the Executive Office […]

    The Gold Standard: Student Union infighting

    On Super Sunday, Feb. 3, the Union Senate met for an unusual midday meeting, which lasted from 11 a.m. until the early afternoon. A budget was presented to that body containing absurd earmarks for reckless and unchecked E-Board expenses, and the Senate found its voice in opposition. This budget initially contained a diminished Senate discretionary […]

    The Gold Standard: These colors don’t run

    Last fall, I was pleasantly surprised to see an American flag draped across a third-story window in Ziv 130. Under the banner, a sign bearing that once ubiquitous slogan: “These Colors Don’t Run.” This flag became the heart of a minor drama last fall, as administrators ordered the item removed, alleging certain violations of Rights […]

    The Gold Standard: Spectral Evidence: the race weapon

    During the Salem witch trials, Abigail Williams and her friends are able to obtain guilty verdicts and secure capital punishment for the citizens of Salem, Massachusetts, on the basis of rather unusual attestations. As former practitioners of witchcraft themselves, they could “see” the foul spirits that were being controlled by the Salemites; while on the […]

    The Gold Standard: Student Events makes a devil’s bargain

    Student Events has a number of fantastic projects going on at any given time. Shortly before the break, I had the pleasure of attending one of these, an SE forum involving free food from Taqueria Mexico. I love Taqueria. At this well-attended gathering, I became involved in a discussion of SE’s new finance structure. I […]

    The Gold Standard: Irreconcilable differences

    If youre not in the fifty-odd member Student Union or on the editorial board of The Hoot or the Justice, you probably couldnt care less about student government. For this, I commend you. Its actually worse than you know.

    The Gold Standard: Guns, Jews and shields: In support of arming campus police

    Not only does Brandeis University need for its campus police to be armed;

    this decision has not been taken a moment too soon. The reasons why have absolutely nothing to do with last semesters tragedy at Virginia Tech. Brandeis is simply a school which is at especial risk.

    Goldman responds: ‘I am not going to disappear’

    By now it has been widely reported that the official Union Judiciary decision condemning me (to and of what, exactly?) uses the phrase “brain fart”. This decision, merely a page long, is full of grammatical and other errors and makes no reference to precedent or evidence. It would certainly convince the admissions committee of any law school to reject these Justices as applicants.

    GOLDMAN: Lebanon, freedom and the Brandeis dilemma

    The People Power protest in Lebanon over the past two weeks has been led by jubilant teens and twenty-somethings who sense that change is in the air.