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    Treasure hunt this summer

    As Brandeis students pack their bags for the summer, they are faced with the daunting prospect of what to do to fill the long months of June, July, and August. Why not, then, do they not embark on a quest? A quest to find the great unknown treasures of Arabia! Like Aladdin’s Lamp and the […]

    Ramble on

    So I was sitting down at my computer this afternoon writing a column for The Hoot (as I sometimes do) and I thought to myself, I did, “Gosh! I sure have some brilliant ideas. If only there was some way to remind the reader that it is I, Noah Klinger, who is the source of […]

    Reverend Wright for President!

    By now most politically conscious Americans are familiar with exactly three words by ‘Obama’s pastor’ Rev. Jeremiah Wright: “God damn America!” These words, uttered in the heat of a sermon decrying the social inequities in American society, have become the latest controversy in the presidential race. If the pastor of Obama’s church and his supposed […]

    Coalition of the Whining

    In the last month weeks alone The Hoot ran at least four articles about conservatives or Republican on campus. Every single article dealt with how very difficult it is to be to the right of center in college and how the tyranny of the liberal majority made life difficult for those who dared criticize Barack […]

    The surge to nowhere

    During a visit to Baghdad in the late 1980’s, American journalist Tony Horowitz picked up a copy of the local newspaper The Baghdad Observor. On the front page was a story proudly proclaiming that ‘sixteen strategic mountain peaks’ had been captured from the Iranians. All of those mountains were Iraqi; their original capture by Iranian […]

    The unbearable whiteness of being

    Hey blackie, whats up?

    This greeting (Che, negro;

    como andas?) was as common a phrase as I heard during my semester in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The fact that Im as white as Conan OBrien or that there are almost no black people in Argentina didnt change things one bit. Negro was simply a term of greeting or endearment, as harmless as dude or man. For women, obviously, the feminine version negra was used, with the diminutive negrita if one wanted to be affectionate.

    Time to get real on Iraq: No need to continue stalemate

    Argentine revolutionary Che Guevera thought that the Vietnam War was the greatest thing since sliced capitalists. He saw costly, pointless, destructive wars against militarily much weaker foes as the bottomless pit into which the American empire would hurl its wealth and resolve to no end. Toward the end of his life, he declared there should be not one but Two, three, many Vietnams. That is the watchword.

    Gingerbread Lady doesnt crumble

    Neil Simons The Gingerbread Lady played in the Shapiro Theater Nov. 17-20. The show was presented by the Hillel Theater Group and directed by Kenny Fuentes 08. Songs by Dean Martin and Louis ArmstrongElla Fitzgerald duets played before the play began and during the two intermissions.

    Barney Frank speaks on gay rights issues

    Congressman Barney Frank (D-MA) came to Brandeis on Monday to speak on issues of gay rights.

    In a brief interview granted to The Hoot prior to the talk, Frank described the depths of homophobia that still infect the discourse of American life. Despite this, he is encouraged by the monumental progress that has been made in recent years.

    Czech President visits Brandeis

    On Friday the 23rd at the Shapiro Center Theater Vaclav Klaus, current president and former prime minister of the Czech Republic, addressed a packed gathering of press, faculty, and students from colleges around the Boston area.