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    Pat Garofalo

    The campus megaphone

    We are your megaphone. This is the newspaper for everyone, for the entire community. No matter what. This was one of the first messages that I was taught after joining The Hoot, and four year’s after our publication’s creation, I think it is still the most important message of all. The Hoot is not, nor […]

    Students organize demonstration against injustices at Brandeis

    A demonstration was held on the Great Lawn yesterday by about 85 students citing a number of grievances related to students’ rights. The demonstration, organized to coincide with Open House, lasted an hour. After five minutes of silence, individual students spoke on a variety of issues, including the pending appeals of suspended TYP student Mamoon […]

    Union, SE evaluate finance policy change

    In recent weeks, the Student Union and Student Events have been examining the success of Student Events’ first semester of financial independence. SE and the Union are also discussing the potential for Student Events collaborating with the Union in the future, according to Union officials and the Student Events Executive Board. Last semester, Vice President […]

    Redressing our grievances

    Intimately connected with freedom of speech is another concept: the freedom to peaceably assemble. Similarly protected by the First Amendment, this right’s aim, at least on some level, is ensuring that criticism of the government remains part of the public discourse. It institutionalizes the citizenry’s ability to hold the federal government publicly accountable for its […]

    Hushed “Voices” in the library

    There’s usually little talking done in a library. In the spring of 2006, though, speech in a library became a big issue, and not because loud voices were preventing students from getting their studying done. Created as an art project for the Coexistence and Conflict course “The Arts of Building Peace,” an exhibit entitled “Voices […]

    Div. III Men’s NCAA B-ball Tourney Live Blog: Brandeis Judges vs. Lasell Lasers – JUDGES WIN!!!

    Hey all! This is Pat Garofalo with The Brandeis Hoot, courtside for the first round NCAA Tournament matchup between Brandeis and Lasell! The teams are warming up, and we’ll be providing live updates all the way through the final whistle. Four minutes to tip, and the Judges were just roundly booed by the Lasell crowd. […]

    Still no law of Gravity

    Speech encompasses much more than spoken words. According to Supreme Court rulings, everything from artwork to profanity written on the back of a jacket can be considered speech, and thus constitutionally protected. Most importantly, for free speech purposes, the written word is equal to the spoken. When Gravity Magazine printed a satirical ad entitled “BlackJerry” […]

    Missed opportunities: A tale of free speech at Brandeis

    In theory, free speech is a simple concept. The First Amendment covers it in ten words: Congress shall make no law…abridging the freedom of speech. If only it were that easy. Over the last five years, Brandeis has been host to a series of incidents and controversies, and while free speech was not the driving […]

    Off-campus senator campaign continues, Ludevig wins Union Judiciary race

    According to the Union Chief of Elections, Neal Ludevig ’08 won Tuesday’s election for Justice of the Union Judiciary, while the election for Senator for Off-Campus students will continue because technical difficulties prevented write-in votes in the initial primary round. Instead of the scheduled final round, Tuesday was a second primary in the race for […]

    ‘Deis’ view of Super Bowl XLII: No asterisk necessary

    Imagine the headlines: “Super Bowl winning coach suspended,” “Perfect Pats slammed by league,” and of course, “19-0*.” Thankfully, it won’t come to that. By upending the previously undefeated Patriots and completing one of the most improbable and entertaining playoff runs in recent memory, the New York Giants ensured that we have a Super Bowl champion […]