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    Rachel Katz

    This month was made for you and me

    Hispanic Heritage Month began on September 15 as a tribute to the spectacular achievements made by Hispanic Americans throughout history. Because of the impact that Hispanic Americans have made on the United States, we can all share in celebrating a piece of ourselves in honoring their success. As Americans, our history is saturated with the contributions of Hispanic Americans from various countries around the world. Every aspect of our life, from entertainment to medicine to our most fundamental human rights, has drastically changed for the better because of these contributions.

    The Joshua Tree entertains at The Stein

    The members of The Joshua Tree claim they come to places like Brandeis to provide a way for other fans to hear and appreciate the music of U2 in an intimate setting without having to pay high-ticket prices.
    Truthfully, Ive always been a bit skeptical of strict cover-bands for their seeming lack of creativity and originality that might bring something new to the industry. But I now believe that the good ol boys of The Joshua Tree have indubitably found their calling. Although they appeal more to the casual U2 fan with their predictable setlist, the performance aspect of each of the songs is impeccable.