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    S. Hogan

    Part of life is just showing up

    A few weeks ago, Student Events held an open forum for students to come and help determine how to spend $9,000. The staff stuffed bags of fake money, put up signs everywhere explaining the event, featured it on the Student Events website, and sent several all-campus emails about it to ensure that the student body knew about the forum. But no one came.

    I pronounce you man and wife

    I pronounce you man and wife.

    You, as the man, are still a full-fledged individual with the aspirations, rights, successes and failures that come from individuality. The woman, however, now only exists in terms of you. She is your property, her aspirations are whatever your aspirations are, her rights are what you say they are, and so on.
    But we dont say I pronounce you man and wife anymore. It has been replaced, in most cases, by the phrase I pronounce you husband and wife. Its a small changesomething that I hadnt even noticed until I looked into itbut I want to know if it is a meaningful one.

    Whats in your computer?

    On my computer, youll find, Firefox, the GIMP and a variety of other programs that are free. But these programs arent free like that pirated version of office you got from youre uncle, nor are these programs free like those spyware-infested doodads you installed. These programs are actually free.

    I was not going to see Walid Shoebat

    Anyone who has been around campus lately knows about the PLO terrorist turned Zionist named Walid Shoebat who was coming to campus and I had decided not to see him.