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    Tom Hobler

    XC runs into Harrier Classic

    On Saturday at the Harrier Classic both Mens and Womens Cross Country teams demonstrated their depth and consistency. The men finished third out of 7 teams while the Women finished sixth out of a field of eleven. But those numbers should not be taken too seriously because the Harrier Classic was an open-meet and these student athletes competed against such running academies as the Boston Athletic Association and the Greater Boston Track Club.

    MOVIE REVIEW: Pretty Persuasion persuades audiences around the globe

    First-time feature film director Marcos Siega opens Pretty Persuasion by panning across a number of remarkably similar girls from the knees up and the neck down. Their heads are invisible, as those features are not nearly as important as each girls subtly different shade of blonde hair and ample chests. As the camera pans to a door we realize that we are in a waiting room.

    Strong start for cross country

    Before a summary of Cross-country, a brief primer: For the uninitiated, mens collegiate cross-country races are typically about 8km long, or five miles and the womens races last around 5 km, or approximately 3 miles. For our readers education, we will include per/mile times for our top runners so that the Brandeis community can more accurately appreciate how fast these athletes run.