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November 2006 Issue

Smith smashes Women’s Soccer

A hard-fought season filled with ups and downs came to an end for the womens soccer team as they fell to number one seeded Smith 2-0 in the ECAC semifinals. In a season filled with close matches, it was only fitting that the season should end on one.

‘Deis Board

Mens Swimming Nov. 14 W at Bentley 127.5-103.5 Nov. 9 W at Babson 126-103 Womens Swimming Nov. 14 L at Bentley 111-132 Nov. 9 W at Babson 120-88 Mens Soccer Nov. 12 W v. New England College 5-3 Nov. 11 W at Babson 2-1 Womens Soccer Nov. 11 L at Smith 0-2 Cross-Country Nov. 11 […]

Snyder helps MSoccer take ECAC’s

On a rainy Sunday, the fans awaited the final countdown and at last, let out a cheer as the Brandeis Judges completed their season, toppling seventh ranked New England College 5-3 to take the ECAC Championship. For the first time since 1994, the Brandeis Judges were the ECAC Champions. The score was close and the game, like the weather, was sloppy and at times, ugly, but the Judges pulled through when it counted.

This week in sports

Baseball Boston Red Sox bid $51.1 million to negotiate with pitcher Daisuke Matsuzaka. NY Yankees trade OF Gary Sheffield to the Detroit Tigers for three prospects. Washington Nationals hire Manny Acta as manager. Florida Marlins SS Hanley Ramirez and Detroit Tigers P Justin Verlander win NL and AL Rookie of the Year . Arizona P […]

WBasketball Preview: Tips to greatness

With a mighty heave from Jaime Capra 08 and an unfortunate clank to show for it, Brandeiss season came to end there in that second round game against Bowdoin. It was an end to an unprecedented season in Brandeis sports an NCAA playoff birth, the first of its kind. Now that the season is about to commence, the Judges are raring and eager for another go round and they wont be satisfied with the UAAs. Nor does anyone else assume so with the Judges being ranked 15 in the nation by and 16 in a Womens Basketball Coaches Association (WBCA).

El-Far on The Black Eyed: Four Arab women in limbo

With opening night a mere two weeks away, Jennie El-Far 07, who is directing The Black Eyed by Betty Shamieh for the Free Play Theatre Collective as her senior thesis, took a few minutes to talk to The Hoot about the upcoming production…

Winer unveils Pinter’s Betrayal

Earlier this week, Allie Winer 08, director of the Hillel Theater Groups production of Harold Pinters Betrayal, was kind enough to take a few minutes to talk to The Hoot…

HPV 101

Thanks to Mercks new vaccine, HPV is the talk of the town. Nationally, 1 in 5 people have HPV, and that statistic rings true for the Brandeis community as well. Here is a quick reference guide to help protect you and your partners from this common affliction…

Tune in or miss out

For many people, the coming of the fall season means many things. Long walks through the country admiring the foliage. Apple picking. Vowing that this semester will finally be the one where you dont fall behind on your readings. Deciding on the perfect Halloween costume. (Or for girls, deciding on the perfect slutty Halloween costume. Face it, ladiesHalloween is that one night a year when you can finally be that slut that you wish you could be all year round. Slutty angel. Slutty devil. Slutty nurse. Slutty kitty cat. The costume may not say slutty when you purchase it, but I doubt Little Red Riding Hood was on her way to grandmas house with a basket of goodies and her yabose hanging out!)

CHABAD vs. HILLEL: The Friday night dinner showdown

Once upon a time, Hillel owned Friday nights. If you wanted to get in touch with your Judaism, you would go to Hillel. It was the place to be for campus Jewish life.

Times have changed. The new kid on the block, Chabad, has recently been attracting part of Hillel's membership. The Jewish population is officially split between upper Sherman and Turner Street.