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April 2007 Issue

Dream a little dream, I do

It opens with the sound of a gong. Graduate student Naya Chang appears on the stage, dressed as the monkey king. She tells the audience that life is suffering, the cause of suffering is attachment, the cessation of suffering is attainable, and the cessation of suffering comes from freeing oneself from attachment. Then, the drumming begins and Ramona Alexander starts her descent down the stairs. Thus begins the eclectic show that is The Dream Project.

Strange But True

Japanese company recalls flaming toilets
A Japanese toilet producer offered free repairs for hundreds of thousands of bidet toilets the other week after three of them spontaneously burst into flames. Had people been using the toilets at the time, they would have found themselves with grilled rump roast. The bidet toilets, not sold outside of Japan, include features such as massages, deoderizer, and a self-opening and closing lid. The toilets run from approximately $1,500 to approximately $2,500.

It’s less fun if you’re 21

If you havent done it yourself, you probably know someone who has. It usually happens around 6 or 7 on a Friday or Saturday night. Its all about finding the right man or woman, wearing your hair a certain way, or putting on an over-sized sweatshirt and hat to obscure your appearance. No, this isnt the witness relocation program, its the plans hatched by the underage community to try and secure alcohol.

When the truth is only found in fake news

On Tuesdays Daily Show, John McCain was the subject of one of the most uncomfortable (if not downright crazy) interviews in the history of television, and while McCain succeeded only in cementing an image of a bitter old man, Jon Stewart solidified his own show as the only trustworthy and genuine source of news within in this country. Some might find it strange that most of our generation is taking its news from a channel that also features Carlos Mencia, but in the end there is strong evidence that a small revolution is taking place among Daily Show viewers, one that is producing an entire population of young, yet sophisticated voters.

Follow your passions to greatness

Last semester of college. Last Liquid Latex. Last April break. Last all-nighter in Shapiro. Last Taco Night. Last Culture X. Last final exam. Last dinner at Usdan. Do you want to punch me yet? These days, it seems like everything is my last something. It occurred to me today that this is the last issue of The Hoot. My last chance to say something to the Brandeis community. So, it has to be good, right?

Giuliani shaping up to be the best option

Ive already made up my mind. I understand how important my vote for president will be in 2008. Regardless of how the next 18 months go, the War on Terror will not be over. In order to confront the existential threats that we face, we must have leadership, accountability and excellence on the part of our next President. Thats why Im supporting Rudy.

Happy to have been, happy to leave

So the time has finally come for me to write the mandatory goodbye column. As I look around at my fellow 07-ers, it is obvious that there are two type of seniors: those who are clinging to their last days of college life, and those who cant wait to get the hell out. I would certainly count myself among the latter. Ill be thrilled the moment that I get to fling my mortarboard in the air, take the celebratory family photo and move on.

What’s the deal with the senior gift?

Youd think that four years of steady, on-time tuition payments would be enough. Youd think paying in to an absurdly overpriced meal plan would suffice. Youd think that several mandatory senior fees would finally quench the schools thirst for cash.
Not so fast, fellow students. Brandeis wants just a little more sugar before youre out for good.

Modulations of a midyear

So theyre happy. Finally. The Midyear class of 2010 plans to graduate in three-and-a-half years, the registrar understands this, there are rules specifically relating to transfer credits, studying abroad and all that goodness, and they have as a whole become a visible, socially-active presence on this campus. And I congratulate the administration on accomplishing this […]

Complaining about complaining

This weekend, I traveled to Emory University to compete in the UAA Outdoor Track and Field Championships. Besides the warm weather, funny accents, and great courtesy food, another benefit was enjoyed as a result of the trip. My teammates and I were amazed at the beauty and grandeur of the Emory campus and their facilities. These far surpass the landscape and athletic sites we have at Brandeis and my teammates and I eventually began complaining about the poor condition of the campus here at Brandeis.