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November 2007 Issue

The Gold Standard: Student Events makes a devil’s bargain

Student Events has a number of fantastic projects going on at any given time. Shortly before the break, I had the pleasure of attending one of these, an SE forum involving free food from Taqueria Mexico. I love Taqueria. At this well-attended gathering, I became involved in a discussion of SE’s new finance structure. I […]

Ziv sprinkler concerns go unanswered

A Union senator’s concerns regarding sprinkler sensitivity have gone unanswered by the administration, sources say. “The concern about the sprinklers is that they are too sensitive to touch,” said Ziv Quad senator Justin Sulsky ’09. Sulsky said he became involved after his suite was flooded at the beginning of the semester when a student accidentally […]

Shopping for Truth: Clearing up confusion

First off, I’d like to say thank you to Matt Lawrence and Robert Held for taking the time to read my article “Give the Police a Chance” (November 9) and taking the time to respond to it. It’s nice to know that not just my family and friends read my column. Who would have known […]

Sexiled: Come quietly

I could tell you how many ceilings tiles laid above our heads. I could tell you the pattern. I could count the number of minutes and seconds in each moment – what felt like hours was actually no more than two minutes. One hundred and twenty seconds. Do you think that’s enough time to make […]

Slice and ’Deis leaves you craving more

The premiere of BTV’s new sitcom Slice and ’Deis was a success. The dialogue was witty, the acting looked natural, and the comical visuals had me laughing throughout. The show was kept short and sweet lasting only about 25 minutes. Fittingly, the pilot episode “Sex with Dolphins” was dished up like a four-course meal served […]

TV becomes reality

I seem to have become The Hoot’s Museum of Science girl. Last year, I wrote about the controversial exhibit, Body Worlds II, which involved plastinated bodies in elaborate poses. Why not write about crime this year? Those of you who know me know that I love CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. That’s why I was thrilled […]

Techies need eye candy too

Is it the “Sunshine Yellow”, “Espresso” or “Flamingo Pink” that grabs the attention of countless individuals who purchase Apple Computers? Consumer reports show that in 2007 trendy, stylish laptop computers receive much higher ratings than laptop computers that are designed strictly to be practical and durable. Consumers prefer to buy a new laptop computer approximately […]

Working it on the Runway

On November 14th, fashionistas everywhere celebrated the return of the acclaimed reality show, Project Runway. The debut brought back favorites from last year including host Heidi Klum, Chair of the Department of Fashion at Parsons, Tim Gunn, designer Michael Kors, and Elle magazine fashion director Nina Garcia. The opening episode also introduced a host of […]

Belonging’s Release

“At the end of 1941, the Germans made the decision to try to destroy all the Jews in every country they conquered or controlled. They began with the organized murder of hundreds and thousands of Jews, and with the help of gas chambers and death camps such as Auschwitz and Bergen-Belsen, the Nazis proceeded with […]

Top five movie adaptations of comic books

So while we’re all anticipating the upcoming sequel to Batman Begins, The Dark Knight and the Watchmen adaptation, let’s take a moment to look back at what the latest comic book-inspired movie binge has brought us. It has brought us total and utterly unfaithful and terrible adaptations of comics like Judge Dredd and the League […]