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December 2007 Issue

Fighting with Pinpricks: The Civil War in Venezuela

Early on Monday morning, Hugo Chavez conceded that voters in Venezuela had rejected the constitutional referendum which he championed by the narrow margin of 50.7% to 49.3%. It was the seventh election in Venezuela since Chavez’s Bolivarian Revolution began nine years ago and the first loss for the president and his supporters. I’ve been following […]

Sexiled: Hard-Core

Let’s talk about porn. That’s right. I love porn. I’m a woman, and I am admitting that it’s one of my favorite ways to release pressure: stress. I used to pretend that I only watched pornography to make fun of it. The “acting” is, of course, humorous. But there’s only so much funny that I […]

The Gold Standard: Spectral Evidence: the race weapon

During the Salem witch trials, Abigail Williams and her friends are able to obtain guilty verdicts and secure capital punishment for the citizens of Salem, Massachusetts, on the basis of rather unusual attestations. As former practitioners of witchcraft themselves, they could “see” the foul spirits that were being controlled by the Salemites; while on the […]

The Point: Working Girl: laziness and workplace ennui

I don’t think it will come as a surprise to anyone that I am very, very lazy—at least, it won’t to the people who write us letters like “DEAR EDITOR: WHY DOES EMMA NEEDLEMAN HATE THE POLICE?!?” (just kidding—love you, guys!). Anyway, the point is that I hate doing work. Of any kind. I hate […]

Real-world experience for BEMCo student EMTs

So, we all know when there’s an emergency who to call- BEMCo. I’m sure a lot of us even have their number stored in our cell phones. We’ve seen them driving around campus in the BEMCo vehicles and toting medical bags in their BEMCo gear, but who are the students behind the BEMCo program? Why […]

The story behind the name:

Many prominent figures throughout Boston, New York and other parts of the country lent their time and energy towards organizing, publicizing, and eventually creating the Brandeis we know today. It remains an amazing example of successful organization and working with a diverse group of people. One of the more famous among them was Albert Einstein, […]

New dean appointed for Heller School

The Heller School for Social Policy and Management has announced the appointment of a new Dean, Lisa M. Lynch, effective as of July of next year. Lynch’s appointment ends a two-year search to fill the position. Administrators are looking forward to Lynch’s presence next year. Heller School Dean Stuart Altman mentioned in an administrative email […]

Library to switch to WhoCash for printing and copying

Students will soon be able to use Whocash to pay for photocopying and printing services in the Main Library, said Lisa Wiecki, Assistant Director for Public Services and Outreach for LTS. In an effort to make students’ lives easier, members of Library and Technology Services and the Campus Card Office have been working for the […]

New committee to head search for Jewish Chaplain

A new committee will be installed to head the search for a new rabbi on campus, sources from the Chaplaincy have said. The position has been vacant since the departure of Rabbi Allan Lehmann last spring. Following the dissolution of negotiations with Rabbi Elizabeth Goldstein, Senior Vice President Jean Eddy has announced “the formation of […]

Women’s Basketball able to fend off WPI

The Women’s Basketball won its third straight game Tuesday, with a 53-47 decision over the WPI Engineers in Worcester. With the win, the Judges improved to 5-2 on the season. As they did against Emmanuel last week, the Judges fell behind early, but a 10-0 run at the end of the first half enabled Brandeis […]