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SEA Change: Bad economy no excuse for neglecting environment

Before the economic crisis, activists, environmentalists, scientists and economists warned climate change could affect the economy. At the end of 2006, the British Government released a report warning the failure to “curb the impact of climate change could damage the global economy on the scale of the Great Depression.” The climate change movement shifted from […]

Naomi Narrative: My last day with grandma

I used to have this toy monkey. It was highlighter green and made of shiny plastic. At face value it was nothing more than a tchotchke, cluttering my room like all my other pointless nicknacks. A self-avowed pack rat, my desk had spelling quizes from the first grade sitting next to prized jewelry, which shared […]

Hiatt Career Corner: Grants available for summer internships

For Rachel Nadas ’09, the Louis D. Brandeis Legacy Fund for Social Justice enabled her to pursue her passion to empower the disenfranchised. Rachel spent last summer as an intern at Farmworker Justice in Washington, D.C., helping the non-profit advocacy organization with environmental and occupational health campaigns for migrant workers. Although the internship was unpaid, […]

Book of Matthew: Losing my religion: A rant about non-believing

“Are you Jewish?” It was a simple question, almost trivial. Let’s face it, here at Brandeis, everyone gets asked at least once. “No,” I answered plainly, without giving it much thought. But no sooner had the word left my lips did a mental conversation ensue in my head: Wait, I am Jewish, aren’t I? Yes, […]

Home on the range, not at the ‘Deis

On Nov. 4, a bus and two cars of Brandeis Democrats and their supporters drove to the small town of Raymond, New Hampshire to knock on doors in an effort to remind the town’s residents to vote for then-presidential hopeful Barack Obama. It had been a warm day, about 50 degrees, and the leaves—seemingly foreshadowing […]

A funeral for Tate Lucas

I had just returned from the December holiday. As a Peace Corps Volunteer, I lived in a village in the northern region of Namibia, known as Ovamboland. I was sitting under a tree trying to ignore the desert heat when one of the children on the homestead came to me and said, “Tate Ismael is […]

A major popularity contest

A group of economics students huddle around a table, analyzing last night’s problem set, throwing around terms like “consumer surplus” and “law of diminishing returns.” Two sophomores frantically try to finish up that afternoon’s biology lab. A group of psychology students continue the perpetual, unending, eternal, interminable nature vs. nurture debate. Does this sound like […]

The Brandeis Brief

Union Senate passes food sustainability resolution The Coalition for Food Services Reform has written a list of recommendations that they will bring to Aramark and the university administration on ways to improve infrastructure sustainability, food sustainability, financial transparency and labor conditions. For infrastructure sustainability, the committee recommended that Dining Services use only reusable or recyclable […]

Students discuss anonymous free speech on gossip site

On Tuesday, students discussed anonymous free speech during the first meeting of Students Against JuicyCampus. A website founded last year, the mission of JuicyCampus is to “enabl[e] online anonymous free speech on college campuses…[and create] a forum where college students discuss what interests them most, and in the manner that they deem most appropriate.” About […]

Men’s b-ball climbs out of hole

Brandeis men’s basketball experienced as disastrous start to the season, dropping their first three games and plummeted out of the d3hoops Top 25 poll after opening in the top ten. With that in mind however, the Judges regained their grasp of the season with a victory over 25th ranked Rhode Island College 75-61 to bring […]