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November 2010 Issue

Can’t go to Chelsea? Head to the Rose!

Fine Arts majors recently flocked to Chelsea Galleries in New York for a Senior Arts weekend and were confronted by some very familiar work. In addition to the Motherwells, Rauschenbergs and Picassos, two of The Rose Art Museum’s more contemporary artists were also on the scene: Roxy Paine and Ana Mendieta. James Cohan Gallery is […]

I believe you’re familiar with this particular brew: ‘Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1’

If you knew you would be sitting at a theater and waiting almost four hours for the movie to start, you might be less than thrilled to see the movie, unless it’s “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part One.” As with all of the Harry Potter movies, except maybe the first two, there are […]

Cook of Matthew (feat. Technicality Norris)

Scalloped Potatoes Bret: The French have many interesting ways of handling boring food. One way is called gratin, which is basically French for “add more cheese until it works.” You’ve probably had potatoes gratiné before; we call them scalloped potatoes. Alex: This particular recipe is pretty simple, and like most good college recipes requires more […]

It ain’t easy being Green

To many, his name is not important. The important thing about Cee Lo Green is his production of “F*ck You,” the single that swept college campuses and other repositories for dirty language earlier this fall. Besides killing radio for me forever (“Forget you?” For real?), the single also generated some substantial interest in the upcoming […]

Mr. Holmes and Dr. Watson solving mysteries in modern London

The writers of Doctor Who’s version of Sherlock Holmes paint him as sexy, intelligent and a quasi-sociopath. In the BBC’s television series, a modernized re-imagining of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s famous detective series, Holmes and Dr. John Watson solve a string of mysteries in contemporary London. The series is smart, compelling and fun, both a […]

Diet goes with turkey woes

It is the most delicious and calorie-filled time of year with Thanksgiving, finals and winter break. When our families bring out our favorite pies, mashed potatoes and sauces, the willpower to maintain our diet goes out the window. We often overload on calories, setting the tone for a downward stuffing-our-faces spiral throughout the winter. Personally, […]

Bring on the dance party

An awe-inspiring, euphonious, spiritually rapturous indie-folk techno-pop dance party—if you’re short on time, that gives you a pretty good idea of Sufjan (SOOF-yahn) Steven’s latest stop in Boston on Nov.11 and 12. Debuting his latest album, “The Age of Adz” (make sure you pretentiously pronounce it “odds”), his show was just as much a surprise […]

Death by ignorance: Goldfish are creatures, not party favors

My opinion of Student Events has never been particularly high, but it was not until last Friday that I felt true ire towards them. Several of my friends complain about the organization’s waste of students’ money, but I will admit that I generally can’t be bothered to complain about something like that. However, I will […]

Engrossing: Considering a ‘gap-year’

Around this time of year, it is common for high school seniors to be stressing out about college applications. Many of my fellow first-years will look back at this time last year and laugh (or cry) as they remember how wrapped up they were in the college admissions process. My story, however, is a little […]