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December 2010 Issue

Book of Matthew: Don’t turn a blind eye to soup kitchens

When I was in high school, I spent many afternoons volunteering at my local soup kitchen. At the time, the “Community Café,” as it was called, was located inside the gymnasium of a small Presbyterian Church. Supplied by the Worcester County Food Bank and by individual donations, and run by a dedicated part-time chef and […]

Giving a Hoot from the editor’s desk

It’s an unsettling feeling for a journalist when words fail. But how could I explain, in 600 words or so of 10 point Minion Pro font, the complex beauty that is this weekly rag? Should I describe the stillness of a Thursday night at 1 a.m. after the paper has been put to bed? Should […]

Altered Consciousness: Consider the benefits of inequality

One of President Obama’s goals, or at least, one of the central by-products of his policies, is the reduction of inequality and the promotion of egalitarianism. However, this objective is, in certain respects, problematic. The first arena where this can be seen is in the administration’s domestic policies. Obama has made the case for a […]

What a poetic way to unite us all

On Saturday, Nov. 20 I, like many of you, learned that the Westboro Baptist Church planned to protest Brandeis. They specifically targeted Brandeis’ Hillel and stated their objection to Jews as the killers of Jesus. Additionally, they claim we spend our “energies on drunkenness (sic), lust, sloth and greed rather than serving the Lord Almighty;” […]

Sexcapades: Welcome to the turkey slump

Thanksgiving is a weird holiday. Freshmen go home, seeing their friends often for the first time since they left. Couples are reunited, parties had, stories recounted. However, whether you’re a freshman or a senior, little changes about Thanksgiving break. In relation to members of the opposite sex, Thanksgiving is a change period of sorts, where […]

Where have all the wild turkeys gone?

As you walk around campus, one is bound to overhear questions of students passing by; some about class, some about lunch dates, some about whether Jason hooked up with another freshman. You become inundated with news, gossip and other useless information. However, while walking through the castle earlier today, I overheard a question that I […]

Faith-based tolerance

In a class earlier this semester, I was leading a discussion about the disestablishment of religion after the American Revolution. Because Baptists were important to the discussion, I mentioned that I am a Baptist. But after class I read an announcement from President Reinharz that, to my dismay and shame, Westboro Baptist Church was planning […]

Pulp diplomacy: The reality behind the mirage

Phrases like “cut off the head of the serpent” are rarely pedaled in the days of modern diplomacy. In fact, the only time one hears of such phrases used by representatives of sovereign nations usually occurs with diplomatic outliers like Iran and North Korea. Living in the world of political correctness, when a single governmental […]

Ethier’s second half play leads judges past Emmanuel

The Brandeis women’s basketball team defeated Emmanuel College, 72-67, Sunday in a home game after losing 54-51 to Tufts University on Nov. 28. Against Emmanuel, Amber Strodthoff ’11 led the team with 15 points, six rebounds, a career- high four blocks and one assist, while Kelly Ethier ’12 had 14 points, four assists and three […]

Men’s basketball wins by two in OT

Guard Tyrone Hughes ’12 lifted the 19th-ranked Brandeis University men’s basketball team past visiting Clark, 67-65, Nov. 30 when he drove the length of the floor with 5.9 seconds and hit a running lay-up as time expired, using all of the backboard. Brandeis (5-0) trailed by as many as 21 points in the first half […]