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September 2011 Issue

The Internet could work, we’ve seen it happen

This board may as well be crafting this editorial under a pre-incandescent bulb while our photo staff work with negatives in the darkroom for all the pride in technological advancement we feel as we publish Brandeis’ community newspaper. We speak of course of the utterly unreliable Internet access on parts of campus; reader, we hope […]

Women’s soccer breaks streak with 3-1 victory

In a non-conference matchup against Gordon College on Tuesday afternoon, the Brandeis women’s soccer team snapped a four-game skid with a 3-1 victory over the Fighting Scots. The win improved the Judges to 3-4 on the season. After a midday rainstorm, the field was extremely slick and conditions were very poor. The slippery field allowed […]

After ’Deis: Recent graduates discuss the job market

Given the choice, most students would not choose to enter the job market in the middle of a recession. Some have opted to stay in school, hoping to wait out the economic downturn. Others have chosen to travel abroad or get an unpaid internship. But some students are unable to afford any of these options. […]

Underachievers: MLB busts of 2011

At this point in the season, there are definitely some fans who are disappointed that their beloved team won’t be making it to the playoffs. Some fans should be disappointed, but others would’ve been wiser to take the season off because their team never had a chance in the first place. It’s easy to spot […]

Broken promise, loss for transparency in forgotten student vote

More than a year after administrators solicited student opinions for three options to replace the now-demolished Kalman Science Building, The Hoot has confirmed that administrators consider the construction project to be complete. Instead of the proposed four-season garden, sand volleyball court or hybrid concept incorporating elements of both, the space, which sits between Gerstenzang and […]

Brandeis students protest Davis execution

The Troy Davis trial had captivated media for weeks and, finally, has come to a close. Students who felt there was more than a shadow of a doubt of Davis’ innocence due to the physical evidence and recanting of witness testimonies (and even a confession by someone else) protested his execution with duct tape gags […]

Dual Community Advisor role presents conflicts of interest

Roaming residence halls at quiet hours, community advisors are a major authority in upholding alcohol-related policies for social gatherings on campus.

Brandeis seeks to tap into alumni base of donors

In contrast to the five consecutive years where the university’s fundraising dividends exceeded $70 million, Brandeis raised $62 million in fiscal year 2011, falling $8 million short of its annual goal and marking a shift in priorities from building to student aid. “The change in Brandeis’ fiscal year 2011 fundraising numbers reflect the end of […]

Lawrence meets with Israeli college president

Brandeis President Fred Lawrence and Uriel Reichman, president and founder of the Interdisciplinary Center (IDC) in Herzliya, Israel, are collaborating efforts to establish a partnership between the two schools. The partnership, beginning specifically with the two school radio stations, marks the start of a solid friendship of two young liberal arts universities. Wednesday, WBRS and […]

Even after crisis, departments feeling the strain

Three years ago former Brandeis President Jehuda Reinharz warned of severe budget shortfalls for at least half a decade. With two years left to Reinharz’s projection, a number of academic departments are beginning to shake free of their mandated hiring freezes; but an even greater number are not and are potentially facing permanent restructuring. The […]