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November 2011 Issue

Students come for Oh Megan!

On Tuesday Nov. 18, several hundred students crowded into Golding 101 to see Megan Andelloux—also known as Oh Megan—present what the event’s Facebook page advertised as “a study of how people experience the erotic and express themselves as sexual beings with an emphasis on jollies, attitude awareness, and sexual skill building.” They stressed that the […]

C-Store tests new late-night hours

In the past week, the Student Union, in collaboration with the Department of Public Safety and Dining Services, experimented with new hours at the C-Store and a trial shuttle bus to the Riverside MBTA station. In a series of trial runs, the C-Store held extended hours on Nov. 5 and Nov. 12 from midnight to […]

Auslander writes on legacy of slavery in Georgia

Mark Auslander, a former professor at Brandeis who now teaches anthropology at Central Washington University, published his first book this fall called “The Accidental Slaveowner.” Auslander’s book delves into the myths surrounding “Miss Kitty,” or Katherine Andrew Boyd, a slave in Oxford, Ga., who is said to have been one cause of the Civil War. […]

You Know We’re Right: Get that unwanted hair off of there!

Dear Morgan and Leah, I’m a pretty hairy guy. I always have been and it’s never bothered me. I’ve been dating someone for the past few months, however, and recently she’s been dropping more and more hints about manscaping. I’m not opposed to the idea but I’m not really sure how to go about doing […]

View From the Top: Learning ‘real life’ lessons

Apart from the cold weather, our Brandeis community often reminds me of my grandparents’ gated community in Boca. Brandeis students and senior citizens seem to have Bingo, group fitness classes, guest lecturers and 5 p.m. dinners in common. Other times, it has felt like a reality television show: Who can join the most clubs? Rack […]

Triskelion and TransBrandeis aim for transgender awareness

This week Brandeis was on its A game. There was a Fornication 101 course in Rabb. Seniors out on the town at Skellig on a Wednesday night. Brandeis sports dominating. Many events highlighted the community coming together and achieving great things, but one event truly encompassed the open-minded, unbiased Brandeis mentality: Transgender Awareness Week. Cynthia […]

Core chosen for class of ’16 orientation

Mitchell Schwartz ’14 applied to be next year’s coordinator of first-year orientation after two successful orientations, one as a first-year and another last year as an Orientation Leader. Like the four students chosen this week to plan orientation with him, Schwartz wants to recreate and give back to the class of 2016 and show them […]

Love Your Body Day at Brandeis: challenging media’s narrow beauty ideals

It is no secret that our media’s emphasis on beauty and thinness has fostered a negative body image among the majority of young women. Magazines and advertisements usually feature unnaturally thin and digitally edited white women throughout their pages, which sends a message to all girls that being thin and white is equivalent to being […]

‘Father’s Footsteps’ a fantastic French film

When I agreed to attend a Jewish film series screening hosted by the Brandeis University Conservative Organization (BUCO) in conjunction with the National Center for Jewish Film, I was skeptical. I steeled myself for an overtly Jewish movie that would leave me feeling either woefully depressed or irritated by how the Jews were being depicted. […]

Haunting ‘Melancholia’ probes depression, apocalypse

“Melancholia,” the latest film by Danish provocateur Lars Von Trier, begins with the end: Melancholia, a rogue planet that has been hiding behind the sun for millennia, collides with Earth, instantaneously destroying all life on our planet. Immediately before this happens, we’re shown dream-like images of life in its last flourishes—a bride floats down a […]