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Archive for 2011

James Baldwin’s prose still awe-inspiring

As a prospective English major, it was upon first signing up for classes that I learned I was required to take Intro to Lit. This fact first frustrated me—I had just taken AP English and I did not have any desire to retake an intro class. Yet, since it’s required for the major, I took […]

Altered Consciousness: Focusing our interest on Iran

Three recent events have underscored the severity of the Iranian threat. Last month, the International Atomic Energy Agency released a report that provided copious amounts of evidence supporting the conclusion that Iran has been working to develop a nuclear weapon since 2003. In blatant violation of international norms, Iran attempted to assassinate the Saudi ambassador […]

Engrossing: The obligatory, ‘end of semester’ review

Sophomore year has been interesting, so far, for a couple of reasons. There is something strange about being new, but not so new to Brandeis. I’m not settled on what I’m studying or what my leadership roles are, and I can’t even begin to imagine what I will do in two and a half years […]

A Goodman is Hard to Find: Experiencing culture, broadening horizons

As humans, experience is a crucial part of our education. Experiences not only teach us, they change us as people. Sometimes our collisions with other cultures can be educational in and of themselves. When I arrived at camp for my last summer as a camper, I was greeted by a crowd of staff members. This […]

The Katzwer’s Out of the Bag: Yearbooks should be sentimental, not shrug-inducing

The end of fall semester means something different to me this year than it has in past years. As a senior, not only can I feel my Brandeis career entering its final stages, but I am getting ready to say goodbye to my friends who are graduating early. I have been making promises—which I probably […]

Still Writing: Advice I never got: words of wisdom regarding finals

In the next week, I have five papers and four finals to wade through, beginning today and ending next Monday night. I am only taking four classes, but somehow I wound up picking four classes that all had papers and exams at the end of the semester. Now to be fair, I didn’t expect this […]

Voices of Soul brings boogie to semester show

I walked into the Ridgewood A commons on a chilly December night to see a group of performers dressed in tank tops, shorts, dresses and flip flops. Voices of Soul was holding its annual concert, which it dubbed its “December Beach Party.” The group’s 13 members wore an assortment of beach attire and had arranged […]

On working with others

As we quickly progress through life and its many stages, we come to a few roadblocks. We are faced with real world challenges such as taking crap from your bosses, absolute rejection in your work places and a whole host of disappointing things. Before we can get to this place, however, we must learn to […]

Crushed hard by 49 Stones

I’m more than pleased to be able to present this band, as they’re one of a new breed that will soon take over the alternative scene. Their sound is done so well that I can’t wait to hear what else comes blasting from their speakers on their next record. But I’m getting ahead of myself. […]

Judges go 2-1 over week as coach wins 300th game

The visiting Brandeis Judges dominated the Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts with a 83-68 thrashing. The Judges scored the first five points of the contest and never trailed for the rest of the game. Brandeis had four players in double figures for the game. Guard Ben Bartoldus ’14 led the Judges with 22 points while […]