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March 2012 Issue

Salmon Fishing reels in mixed reviews

There has never been a movie with a more self-explanatory title than “Salmon Fishing in the Yemen.” The movie, directed by Lasse Hallstrom, promises to be about salmon, fishing and the Middle East, and it clearly fulfills that promise. Thankfully at some points, it also deals with the issues of love, unskillful prime ministers and […]

Loving Liquid Latex: unique show turns flesh into canvas

Last Tuesday night, the annual Liquid Latex performance reminded us of why we should be proud to be Brandeisians. It was personally my first time watching Liquid Latex (my first-year self decided that it would be much better to watch the Brandeis-Wellesley Orchestra last year than to see almost-nude dancers), but now I understand why […]

Jake Coco improves pop music one cover at a time

Many amateur covers of songs on YouTube are performed by no-name 12 year olds and are often of very poor quality. Jake Coco, however, is an exception. Covering many different popular songs, as well as writing his own, he has become my go-to person for new music. He consistently releases new covers of songs that […]

K-NITE brings Korea to campus

The Brandeis Korean Student Association (BKSA) invited the campus to “Explore Korea” at K-Nite 2012 last Friday night in Levin Ballroom, which was decorated with hanging banners and colorful streamers. Bright booklets on the tables displayed the food and landscape of Korea with chocolate gold coins imprinted with “BKSA” at every seat. A large portion […]

A unique experience abroad in Israel

As a Jewish girl who goes to Brandeis and hails from New Jersey, I hesitated before applying to study abroad in Israel. I worried the trip would not be unique. Throughout my experience, however, I discovered my study abroad experience is in fact one of a kind. I am studying at the University of Haifa; […]

Anthropology lecture discusses ancient Central Mexico

Boston University architecture professor David Carballo delivered a lecture titled “Ritual Offerings/Sacred Architecture in Ancient Central Mexico” on Wednesday afternoon as part of the Anthropology Colloquia Series. The anthropology department brings in guest speakers to present lectures related to different issues and topics in anthropology to the students on campus. Carballo began with a history […]

View From The Top: Dr. Strangedance, or how I sold my soul to the theater

I never meant to be one of those “theater kids.” You know the ones I’m talking about; they sing musicals as they walk around campus, wear brightly colored hoodies advertising their shows and send you three dozen Facebook invitations to come see them perform. I never intended to do theater at Brandeis. As I walked […]

University archives: uncovering women’s history

This past Wednesday, the Robert D. Farber University Archives and Special Collections hosted a “Show and Tell Event” to celebrate women’s history and their contributions to Brandeis. Created by graduate students Allison Lange and Zach Albert, this visual display highlighted photos of famous women, documents and events that occurred throughout Brandeis’ history. Combining Lange’s focus […]

Editorial: With publicity stunts, Brandeis loses

If their goal was to embarrass Brandeis University in the Jewish community, they succeeded. Whether you agree or disagree with Israelis, Palestinians, Jews, Arabs, the two-state solution or Obama’s foreign policy, it is all immaterial. When a dozen Brandeis students interrupted Knesset speakers at a community event hosted at Temple Emanuel, they were wrong and […]

‘Deis admits fewer students in incoming class

Even before prospective students check their mailboxes for acceptances and visit potential schools in an attempt to weigh their decision, admissions officers must decide which—and how many—students get the coveted acceptance letters. Further complicating matters is the fact that the class of 2015 is an unusually large class, with more than 900 students. This puts […]