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October 2013 Issue

Red Fang a callback to eighties thrash

When I first discovered the bearded, beer guzzling members of Portland’s Red Fang, the first thing that came to mind was their city of origin. At the time, I was in the city visiting my grandparents, and among the hipsters and overcast weather, there were a couple things I was amazed to find. First, a […]

Eliana’s Advice: In clubs and in groups

Dear Eliana, I am a freshman and I’m involved in a bunch of clubs. The thing is, I don’t feel like I’m able to be as active as I would like in them because it seems like the upperclassmen are in charge. I have ideas and opinions that I want to share but it doesn’t […]

American Horror Story: “Coven” brews up TV magic

The bewitching premiere of American Horror Story’s “Coven” drew in 5.54 million viewers. The premiere is noted for being the largest ever within the American Horror Story series; marking a 44 percent increase in viewers from last year’s critically acclaimed “Asylum.” Coven marks the third installment in the American Horror franchise for previous fans, and […]

Students inspired to find resilience

During the stressful time of midterms, students often need a reminder that others have successfully overcome the same struggles they face and that there are many established support systems available. Brandeis Academic Services and the Hiatt Career Center worked to provide a community forum for support Tuesday night at their panel, Bouncing Back: Stories of […]

Mindy Kaling on track for world domination

Although Beyoncé will always be queen of the world, Mindy Kaling is starting to give her a run for her money. She’s certainly dominating the comedy world, creating and starring in the hit show “The Mindy Project.” Comparable to “New Girl,” the show features Dr. Mindy Lahiri as an OB/GYN who spends most of her […]

Reflections on secularization at Brandeis

Sodexo isn’t done making changes on campus. Next semester, a Kosher New York Deli will replace Quiznos. However, there are questions about the point of having more kosher options, including the soon-to-be-opened Dunkin’ Donuts, on campus. Though Brandeis is technically a secular institution, it seems like it disproportionately caters to its Jewish constituency. In the […]

True Confession of a Netflix Addict: Vampire Diaries Edition

Every month, there is a charge on my debit card of $8.64 from a website that most college students are quite familiar with. A website that has a subscription base of 29.2 million people in the U.S., according to The Business Insider. A website that last year’s revenues for the quarter grew to $1.10 billion, […]

Judges lose two UAA matches on the road

On the road last weekend, the 12th-ranked Brandeis men’s soccer team suffered two United Athletic Association losses against Carnegie Mellon and Emory. In Friday’s game against the 23rd-ranked CMU team, the Judges fell 2-1 against the Tartans in overtime. Against the Emory Eagles on Sunday, the Judges lost 3-1. The results from both games bring […]

Gateway Buddies immerse international students in community

This year, Brandeis welcomed 65 Gateway Scholars to a program that integrates students whose primary language is not English from all areas of the globe into the Brandeis community. For each of these scholars, Brandeis provides intensive language development courses, tutors and analytical writing skills. But The Hoot would like to commend the university for […]

Food service staff form foundation of Univ culture

One of the things I was worried about coming back to school this semester with the change in the food service provider was whether or not the same employees would still be around to be handling our meals. Of course, it would be extremely difficult to train an entire team of new employees over one […]