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February 2014 Issue

Clark University No Longer Need-Blind

Clark University, located in Worcester, Mass., has recently decided to adjust its admissions policy away from the preferred need-blind method to need-aware. A need-aware policy takes the student’s ability to pay into account so that the school will not have to give as much in financial aid to students. Students first heard of the decision […]

Wonders of Wonders: Fiddler on the Roof’s Cultural Impact

Brandeis was lucky enough to have Alisa Solomon, author of “Wonders of Wonders: A Cultural History of Fiddler on the Roof” come to talk about her book on Feb. 25 in the Rapaporte Treasure Hall. Students, professors and scholars crowded around the spacious room, all eager to learn the aesthetic, cultural and generational features so […]

Baker ’14 finds passion in poetry and education

In college, we are often encouraged to find a way to mold our hobbies and interests into our professions, as passion often translates into enthusiasm and success. We are told to concoct a major or dream job by marrying separate ideas and goals into one ultimate goal. However, this is not always the most effective […]

Baseball Team Leaves Florida 4-2

The Judges baseball team lost their first game of the season against Warner University of the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics 5-3 on Monday Feb. 17. The Royals left the game 8-4, but they have since dropped to 8-8. The Judges fared better in their second game of the season, winning 12-2 against Johnson University, […]

FA dept underfunded, endures poor facilities

The building lies two miles away from campus. Its windows are boarded shut. The staircase is on the outside, so to go upstairs students must step outside into the blistering cold. The floor has a thick layer of dust on it, and mousetraps lie under the stairs. The kitchen is so dirty that it looks […]

Pre-Health advising staff turnover frustrates students

Monday, Feb. 10 welcomed the arrival of Brandeis’ new, full-time Assistant Director of Pre-Health Advising Abby Voss, a new addition made soon after Surella Seelig left her position as a pre-health advisor. Pre-health students were made aware of the changes via a Feb. 6 email from Pre-Health Advising Director Misty Huacuja-LaPointe. Voss, a native of […]

Sillerman Prize offers support for philanthropic college students

The Sillerman Center for the Advancement of Philanthropy in the Heller School for Social Policy and Management promotes philanthropy on campus “that advances social justice through research, education, practice and leadership development.” It sponsors Generous U, a nationwide contest that encourages philanthropic college organizations by having student groups compete for the $10,000 Sillerman Prize and […]

’DEIS Impact recognizes the Roma conflict and human rights

Discrimination: It is a trend that has pervaded almost every country’s history since the dawn of time. When a group that is different arises and challenges the societal norm, those who meet the societal standard discriminate against the new minority, often feeling afraid of or intimidated by this anomaly. Among discriminated minorities, some well-known groups […]

Staff offered buyouts to decrease $6.5m deficit

An email sent out to the Brandeis University staff on Jan. 27 announced that the school is offering “voluntary early retirement buyout packages” to 150 staff members who are 60 years or older with 10 or more years of service at Brandeis by Apr. 1, 2014. This plan, which is entirely optional, would require those […]

Univ. to improve crosswalk safety, collaborating with Waltham

Ellen de Graffenreid, senior vice president for communications, assures the community that Brandeis has commenced multi-faceted efforts to improve safety conditions surrounding the crosswalk on South Street. In the wake of a car accident that sent three student pedestrians to the hospital last week, de Graffenreid assures that Brandeis is cooperating with the city of […]