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MLK Day becomes a four-day celebration

It’s not easy celebrating the life of someone as well known and influential as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Maybe that’s why more than ten campus organizations, joined together to organize the third annual MLK Celebration spanning the course of four days. However a Monday night show, urging social justice and hope for the future, […]

Brandeis students study Palestinian-Israeli conflict at the scene

ISRAEL CAMPUS COALITION: Our guide standing on the remains of a house next to Gaza.Most people don’t visit the place where we were standing. Certainly not Birthright. Most people would be too scared to even set foot in the area at all, but there was our group of 41 Americans, from various college campuses, standing just outside the Gaza border. Our guide was showing us the place where rockets are launched from, and under our feet were scattered remnants of houses that the Israeli army destroyed when it built a tall fence to separate Gaza from Israeli territory…

Clinton promotes ‘citizen involvement’ at Brandeis

President Bill Clinton spoke to an audience of over 4,000 on Monday, as the first speaker for the Eli J. Segal ’64 Citizen Leadership program. Segal, who passed away in 2006, founded Americorps and worked as Clinton’s campaign chief of staff in 1992. “[Throughout] his all-too-short life, [Segal] used his genius at organizing…to help benefit […]