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Peer-to-peer language program engages students

As an initiative implemented to provide students with access to languages not normally taught at Brandeis, the Student Language Exchange Program is a unique asset to the Brandeis community. Elyse Jackson ’16, publicity manager for the program and fluent in five languages herself, attests that learning a foreign language can not only help you forge […]

Cheerleaders fundraise for Dana-Farber

To support the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, the Brandeis Cheerleaders held a bake sale in Upper Usdan on Nov. 4-6. All baked goods were homemade with vegan and gluten-free options for sale as well. Founded in 1947 in Boston, the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute seeks to provide both children and adults with compassionate inpatient care while also […]

Prof. researches gene mutation in fruit flies

Brandeis professor Nelson Lau (BIO) and his lab published two studies on the P-Element Induced Wimpy testis pathway (PIWI) this September, a pathway that, when blocked in fruit flies, results in underdeveloped reproductive organs. Fifty percent of the DNA serves no particular function. Jumping genes comprise 50 percent of the DNA and are genetic parasites, […]

Hassenfeld Family Innovation Center founded at IBS

The Hassenfeld family donated $2.5 million to the Brandeis International Business School (IBS) to establish the Hassenfeld Family Innovation Center. The center will work to foster connections between outside corporations and the innovators on the Brandeis campus, as well as help to promote the research and technological advances that occur on campus by helping researchers […]

Senior’s resilience drives triumphant return

Jordan Zides ’15 is not your everyday guy. While he crushes on Scarlett Johansson, can spend an entire day watching sports on TV and will never turn down a date to dinner and a movie, he has overcome a greater challenge than most will ever face in their lives. On July 25, the summer after […]

Student reps relay board notes

Last week, student representatives to the Board of Trustees Mohammed Sidique ’15 and Grady Ward ’16 sat in on the board’s fall meeting. Sidique and Ward sent out a memo to the entire student body describing the proceedings of the meeting and their roles as student representatives. Their memo also included the board’s future plans […]

B.SASV issues progress report

Brandeis University failed to measure up to most of the requests made by Brandeis Students Against Sexual Violence (B.SASV), according to a “progress report” published by the club this week. The report was an update of the group’s April petition for a stronger university response to sexual violence and assault on campus, and featured letter […]

Environmental panel offers contrasting viewpoints from faculty

On Monday evening, Nov. 10, a panel composed of faculty from several different departments gathered in the International Lounge of Usdan to discuss climate change, how the world has responded to it and how the world needs to better prepare. The panel, titled “The Good News on Climate Change: Brandeis and a World of Solutions,” […]

Film screening critiques consequences of antibiotics

Today, we know antibiotics as an easy cure for treatable illnesses, yet there is a downside to their widespread use. Filmmaker Michael Graziano came to Brandeis for a screening of his documentary “Resistance” on Thursday evening, Nov. 13. He was accompanied by Maryn McKenna, author of the book “Superbug,” and Dr. Tom O’Brien, researcher and […]

Sodexo forum gives students a voice

On Wednesday Oct. 12 in the Olin-Sang Auditorium, the Senate Dining Committee sponsored a forum with Sodexo, Brandeis’ dining service provider. The event allowed students to pose questions and engage in meaningful discussion with Sodexo administration members in regard to campus dining services. Topics presented during the forum included food quality, changes to the meal […]