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The fault in our radiators

It’s getting colder here on campus, and as the mercury goes down, more and more students are turning on their heating systems. Unfortunately, for far too many of us, that means rattling pipes, oppressive temperatures and frequent work orders. Our current heating systems, especially in our older residence halls, are in desperate need of an […]

Brandeis Education Department offers a true education

I believe that classes in the Education Department at Brandeis are some of the most valuable at this school, for any student. Even for people who have never had any interest in teaching as a career, or people who lack the patience to become teachers, taking education classes is still worthwhile. I entered Brandeis knowing […]

Univ. hides fact that tuition increases aren’t necessary

The biannual stress surrounding finals and the end of the semester is always compounded by the university sending out the bill for the next semester’s tuition right before the Thanksgiving break. Adding to typical holiday stresses with family visiting and birds to be stuffed, plus those from school itself, sending the bill at this time […]

Mandel concerts imprudent to passing students

Mandel Atrium is a beautiful space. The natural light, comfortable chairs and blazing fireplace during the winter are conducive to studying and essay writing, allowing me to blend an academic experience with aesthetic appeal. What the atrium is not perfect for, however, are midday concerts during the school week. This past Wednesday, Nov. 19, I […]

Univ. can offer more help to suicide survivors

Recently, one of my closest friends was the first responder to a suicide attempt. Even for trained adults, it can be incredibly difficult to respond to such emotionally charged situations, but it’s especially hard for students to have to figure out how to respond. Witnessing or surviving a suicide attempt becomes even harder when one […]

An uncomfortable situation around campus

Of the many issues around campus, I should not have to be complaining about the furniture and room amenities. However, as I sit in a chipping wooden chair probably older than myself, I wind up thinking that it’s time to finally put this issue to rest. The Brandeis campus, as accommodating as it is, simply […]

Eliana’s Advice: Vexing pranks, frustrating mornings and necessary breakups

Dear Eliana, I let my friends borrow my laptop every now and again when we’re in the library together. Sometimes, when I’m not paying attention, they head over to Facebook and start playing around with my statuses and profile pics. I find it a lot easier to just leave myself logged into Facebook on my […]

Students could manage schedules much better

It’s a little late, but one of the most important, yet frequently overlooked things at this school is the matter of scheduling. Class registration has come and gone, but when it opens up again in January for the spring term, many people will find things are going to get all scrambly as plans fall through […]

More commitment needed to turn off lights

One of the unfortunate necessities of winter in the Northeast is the greater reliance on energy. Whether that energy derives from renewable resources like wind or solar power or from the more commonly used fossil fuels, there will always be greater dependence on energy during the winter than in the summer. Needing to heat buildings […]

Professors should alter syllabi to better aid students in learning material

Under normal circumstances, it is incredibly easy to fall behind on coursework. When new material that will not be on the upcoming exam is introduced right before the exam, it is even more impossible to avoid. I can’t speak for everyone’s study habits, but in my own experience, I tend to focus on the material […]