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VERBATIM: Union Senate E-mails

Published: February 11, 2005
Section: Opinions

The following message was sent to the Student Union Senate mailing list. It is presented here without comment.

So I was browsing F-Board stuff and discovered that we have an F-Board Member for Racial Minority Students. OK, let me get this straight:

#1: F-Board candidates are not allowed to have endorsements as it biases the member. This is a clear violation of the nuetrality of the F-Board member.

#2: We already have plenty of diversity and racial minority represenation in the Union. Some argue that we have excessive focus on these issues.

#3: What does race have to do with F-Board?
I think this is ridiculous. If it doesnt require a consitutional amendment, Im adding the removal of this position unless someone replies with a good reason why it should be there.

Noah Haber 08