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OSTROWSKY: The Roaring 2000s

Published: March 4, 2005
Section: Arts, Etc.

If you are a Boston sports fan you do not want the 2000s to end. Its as simple as that. The second half is just underway and there arent many signs of slowing down.
Your football team won its third Super Bowl in four years. For the Red Sox, no more 1918. Enough said. Lets admit it;

its been a wicked awesome decade thus far for Bostonians.

The Celtics are in as good of a position as ever to make a run in the playoffs in the post- Larry Bird Era.

The Patriots history up until the Bill Belichick dynasty was filled with poor, mediocre teams, with the exception of some signs of promise. Until their first Super Bowl appearance in 1986, they were mediocre at best for their first 25 years of existence.
They were miserable in the early to mid 90s, and improved fairly quickly with the Big Tuna. Then came nice guy Pete Carroll. The team flirted with playoff success but was never a contender to challenge the Broncos and Packers of the world. Then the right Bill came. The rest was history.

The Red Sox historic and agonizing history cannot be fully described in any short length of space, but four words summarize it quite well: Babe, Bucky, Billy, Boone. Four infamous years used to be all that mattered to beloved Red Sox fans: 1918, 1978, 1986, and 2003. Ever since they dealt Babe Ruth to those Yankees, the team has had one heartbreak filled October after another.

All of that changed on the night of October 21st when Pokey Reese threw the final out to Doug Mientkiewicz, punching the Red Sox a ticket to the World Series for the first time in 18 years.

Then there was that next series against the St. Louis Cardinals which ended the 86 year old world championship drought for the boys of Yawkey Way. Life couldnt be better if youre a member of Red Sox nation these days. Sure, they lost Martinez and Lowe to free agency, but after what this team did last October, the so-called idiots could win half as many games as last year and still sell out every home game for 2006 season. Theres just not the kind of pressure that there was last year, and dont be surprised if the boys of summer have a better showing in the regular season in 2005.
Perhaps the best part is that there really is no end in sight for this prominence. Its like that great dream that you just dont want to end.

With the Patriots most likely losing very few key free agents (sorry David Patten), they will at the very least be Superbowl contenders in 2005. Expect Belichick, Pioli and the gang to look for more youth at the linebacker position and more depth in the secondary. Chances are Kraft and Belichick will be hoisting yet another Lombardi trophy come February 2006.

Things are even looking up for the Celtics as well. With a lot of cap room to play around with this upcoming summer, Danny Ainge and co. have no excuses for not landing some impact free agents.

The talented duo of youngsters Tony Allen and Al Jefferson should help keep the green in the win column on a somewhat frequent basis. Not to mention the team is currently in first place in their respected division.

Things are looking up from the days of bench warming specialist M.L.Carr patrolling the sidelines at the Fleet Center.

Theres even good news for hockey fans in Boston. They probably dont have to see the Bruins bow out in the first round of the playoffs in April for the zillionth time. If youre a Bruins fan, you want the lockout to never end.

Things cant be better if youre a life long sports fan of the Boston teams. Well maybe they could. We could get rid of our ancient Fenway Park and go elsewhere to watch those Sox play ball.