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Two injured in accident

Published: March 4, 2005
Section: News

BEMCo is seen here on the scene of an accident along the Peripheral Road near Admissions Monday. Sources who asked to remain anonymous told The Hoot that an elderly gentleman was driving towards the campus exit when his car failed to stop and swerved left, hitting several students and a traffic sign.

Two students were injured in the crosswalk and one of them was seen leaving in an ambulance with minor cuts and injuries. She was observed as alert and responsive as she was talking on her cell phone as she was being driven away.

Eye witnesses describe the vehicle, a White Volvo, as going pretty fast before it failed to stop. The driver was observed with a blank look and hunched over the wheel as the car was swerving. He seemed like he was passed out, according to the witness.

The vehicle, after swerving and hitting the students, went over a curb and proceeded up the embankment at the edge of the Shapiro Great Lawn. The car came to a stop after hitting a sign, but after a few seconds began to move again and to spin around.

One of the witnesses then rushed to open the driver side door and attempted to get the driver to stop the vehicle. Another student climbed into the passenger side and pulled the hand break to stop the car.

According to the same eye witnesses, the 81 year old driver told Public Safety that his breaks had failed and that is why he did not stop. The same witnesses report that Public Safety conducted tests of the breaks on the scene and they appeared to work.
–Compiled by Igor Pedan