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Published: March 18, 2005
Section: News

Name: Aaron Gaynor, 07
Major: Economics
Residence: Pomerantz
UNET ID: gaynor
Current Office:
Union Treasurer

Statement: made the decision to run for president because I have a deep love of Brandeis and I want to make it a happier, more unified place for live and to learn. To achieve this, I have decided to focus my campaign on advocacy, club resources, and community. I want to better coordinate advocacy in the Union for better results, reform the way that the Union interacts with our 250 vibrant student organizations, to ensure the happiness and prosperity of every club, and to create more programs and projects that break down barriers and bring this campus together.

Name: Alana Hamlett, 06
Major: Politics
UNET ID: ahamlett
Current Office:
Ziv Quad Senator

Statement: I believe that the role of the Student Union President is to be the voice of the Brandeis University undergraduate student population. This individual is a student not an administrator and therefore should not be doing the work of an administrator. Rather, she should be advocating and voicing the concerns of students to administrators and ensuring that changes are put into place. Whether it is the betterment of social life, or empowerment and support of clubs by the Student Union, the issues that are important to students are my main concern. I want to be that voice for Brandeis students.

Feinberg, 07
Major: Undeclared
Residence: Hassenfeld
UNET ID: jenny523
Current Office:
Class of 2007 Senator

Statement: As a Senator, peers and club leaders know they can depend on my support for advocacy, publicity, fundraising, and representation. As I gain a greater perspective of students needs on campus, it has become evident that the greater Union has not shared my vision of an accessible and approachable student government. I am running for President to restore students trust in the Union and hear the voice of every member of the student body. My candidacy pledges to provide club resources, transparent finance reforms, and a commitment to hearing student concerns. You deserve the right to a visible and eager Student Union.

Name: Ezra Stark, 06
Major: Philosophy
Residence: Ziv
UNET ID: ezras
Current Office:
Senator at Large

Statement: I have served on the Student Senate for two years. I first served as the Rosenthal Quad Senator, and this year as the Senator-at-Large. During my term I have seen that the current system in place is in need of reform. One of the main issues on my platform is to remove the unpleasant process of going to Senate for money, and give F-Board more money to allocate to clubs. This will allow the Student Senate to focus on advocating for the Student Body and on its own programming. Clubs will have access to more funds without the hassle.