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VERBATIM: Endorsement Request

Published: April 1, 2005
Section: Opinions

The following e-mail exchanged occured between Class of 2007 senate candidate Josh Karpoff and the Societie Chaotique Brandesienne. It is presented here without comment.

Greetings flingrels and Whanton Bringblots!

I come to you to request, demand, ask, take bring, sing, and all the more so flabergast of you, the great fnordlocks of Briligslag the endorphins that I so need and want, in order to be the most successful ude that this reality has ever seen.

That, again, being pointed out, again, must, again, mean, again that, again, We must continue our tradition of cookies (Girl Scout sold, of course) and hot dogs (the leanest meats, of course), shall continue to the ends of the universe and beyond and back, and then beyond, and back again, and of course, beyond, back again, and beyond the center of the universe. Thank you for your time, money, life force, and other useful or uselessness.

~Joshua Karpoff

Reply: The All High Everything minus the power of everything else! It is the consensus of the voices in my head that Societie Chaotique Brandesienne shall endorse one Mr Karpoff for the position of Senator for the Class of 2007. Unfortunately, the voices could not determine his bloodline and so we shall withhold the Chalice of Underwear until such time that a determination can be made. Best of luck!

Adam, Jimmy, Bonnie, Samantha, Jack and the rest of the voices in my head.

(Request for Endorsement for Joshua Karpoff for Class of 2007 Senator)