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OP-ED: Sometimes the simplest things can make the world a much better place

Published: September 23, 2005
Section: Opinions

Yesterday, in the midst of another crazy day of classes and club meetings I happened to stop by my mailbox. I wasnt expecting much, I figured all I would find would be some flier inviting me to this club or that dance, but amongst all the stuff I usually recycle, I found an envelope addressed to me decorated with sparkly purple and green star stickers.

I instantly smiled knowing that this letter was from my best friend who studies at Swarthmore College. I opened the envelope to find a white greeting card with a cartoon of a woman jumping into a large bowl of mashed potatoes. On the front the card said MASHED POTATOES and the inside said ARE GOOD!!! I giggled and then read the message from my friend. Just if you were wondering she is quite well, but since you probably dont care let me get on to the real issue: Mashed Potatoes.

They are good! Mashed, smashed, squashed etc. Mashed potatoes can cure any bad mood. When I was younger and I was really angry about something my mother would boil some potatoes and give me them to mash. She called it mashed potato therapy, and believe me it worked wonders. I recall wanting to strangle my eighth grade algebra teacher because of her complete lunacy. Coming home after school to mash potatoes and scream about every wickedly evil thing she had done in class was positively uplifting. Mashed potatoes have many good qualities.

While they are excellent for relieving anger and aggression they also taste really, really yummy. In short, sometimes the simplest things can make the world a much better place. Mashed potatoes are definitely good! So go and mash/eat some today.