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    Love in the time of caller ID: Relationships with technology and the technology of relationships

    In a strange amalgam of technology, I recently found myself in the awkward situation of Facebook chatting with my (for lack of a better word) ex about our (for lack of a better word) former relationship through the analogy of my upgraded cell phone. After discussing the fact that after three years with my Motorola […]

    Black History Month

    Thursday night’s Black History Month Closing Ceremony in the Napoli Trophy room in Gosman was not a typical closing affair. The evening started off with a dramatic recitation from Shaina Gilbert ’11, who spoke about a dream she had about her great, great grandmother traveling north to freedom. Gilbert powerfully belted out a few lines […]

    From the minds that brought you Disco Tent

    Since we all began our career as students at Brandeis University, there has certainly been a drastic shift in the way the social scene has been handled by the administration. To address the issues of binge drinking and pre-gaming, the administration has erected a troubling wall of paternalistic punishment, rather than address the issues in any sort of sustainable manner. The cancellation of Modfest, a semesterly party based entirely in drinking, was frustrating;

    however, the recent suspension of the Less You Wear dance proves that the administration has slipped away from any sort of meaningful alcohol prevention policy to the adaptation of a disproportional method of collective punishment.

    OP-ED: Sometimes the simplest things can make the world a much better place

    Yesterday, in the midst of another crazy day of classes and club meetings I happened to stop by my mailbox. I wasnt expecting much, I figured all I would find would be some flier inviting me to this club or that dance, but amongst all the stuff I usually recycle, I found an envelope addressed to me decorated with sparkly purple and green star stickers.