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Confessions of a bored Facebook user

Published: September 23, 2005
Section: Opinions

Does anyone remember the time before Facebook? Well, maybe not before Facebook, but at least before Facebook accepted Brandeis accounts? Once upon a time, Mark Zuckerberg (of a Mark Zuckerberg production fame) was working alongside Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss, Harvard peers, working to develop something extraordinary. Unfortunately, only Mark got the credit.

Yep, good ol Mark ran off with the program and released Facebook before the rest of the group was able to release their project, In haste, the Winklevoss brothers of ConnectU released the product in an admittedly not-quite-finished form. The result was amazing, though very few were paying it any attention.
Unlike Facebook, ConnectU added any school that wished to be a part of the community right away. All you had to do was drop Cam or Ty a message, and they would open up ConnectU to your school. And the two of them always message back. Like the rest of the ConnectU users, Tyler and Cameron have profiles and check them regularly. These ConnectU gods walk among their people, and are quick to answer their prayers. We asked for a remember me checkbox, and the Winklevoss brothers provided. The suggestions made by the early ConnectU users have shaped its development into the superior-to-Facebook site it is today.
Everyone claims to spend so much time on Facebook, but what are they doing? Once you have answered your friend requests, posted on a couple walls, and checked for profile updates, what more is there to do? All of the things you can do on Facebook you can do on ConnectU. But on ConnectU users can post an entire gallery of pictures instead of just their user pic. Forums on any topic are found right on your home page. Every profile includes a blog. Livejournal users can even import their ljs onto their profiles. Your home page will also give you updates from the popular blog Not only can you connect to people in your classes, you can buy and sell your used books through the site.

One of the most popular features is the option to view the weeks most popular profiles, by school and in general. A fun way to pass the time is to compete to see who can get the most profile views (Hint: Posting scantily-clad user pics is not always the most successful way). One of the best features is a chat program where you can chat via ConnectU with other online users. This is the perfect way to stay occupied when you are bored at work and too afraid to download AIM. Its also a great dating filter where you can chat with someone without having to give them your screen name right off the bat.

So, if this is the third time today youve checked Facebook for new messages and wall updates with nothing to show for it, try something different. At the risk of hurting the collective GPA of our student body, I recommend ConnectU as the perfect remedy for both the bored Facebook user and the addicts searching for a stonger fix. Go forth and procrastinate!