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Watching Gilmore without the girls

Published: September 23, 2005
Section: Opinions

Now, before every Tuesday night at eight oclock regular attacks me, let me just say that I am one of you! Ive followed the show since the pilot and have, overall, always enjoyed my weekly peek into Lorelei and Rorys lives. Ive had my complaints (Jess comes to mind), but overall its always been a good viewing experience. However, judging by whats happened so far this season, Im a little concerned about my girls.
And who am I most worried about? Its the little Gilmore who is suddenly dropping out of Yale and getting herself a criminal record. Perhaps the most disheartening thing about what Rorys doing is that she has no idea how much shes hurting her mother. She honestly expects Lorelei to show up to her court date after everything shes done? Rory couldnt even tell her mother the court date herself, nor has she apologized or actually tried to reconcile with her mother. So the fact that Lorelei doesnt tell her about getting engaged to Luke shouldnt exactly come as a shock to her. Rorys reaction to Luke telling her about the engagement is classic, childish Rory she stomps out of the room, obviously upset, but still being fake-polite in a Rory way.

If anything, its Rorys immaturity about her situation that is the hardest aspect to deal with. Her mother doesnt want her to drop out of school, so she just goes to her grandparents house to get her way. One big name in the industry tells her that she doesnt have what it takes to be in journalism and it wrecks her entire worldview and her belief in herself. What is the reason for all of this? Since I would be very surprised if Rory doesnt end up back at Yale, this little detour is kind of pointless. I can only hope that she learns from this little rebellious phase that shes going through and grows up a lot.

Then theres the elder Lorelei and my fear that the writers are going to drag out her and Lukes relationship, adding all sorts of conflicts that will inevitably be fixed so that the twosome can be together in the end. In the scene where Lorelei proposes, there is an awkwardness where they dont appear that happy. Lorelei even asks, Shouldnt we be celebrating? Maybe the writers were going for comedic value, but the couple didnt even say I love you to each other, and if that isnt the moment to tell someone that you love them, I dont know what is. Add to that the scene where Suki asks Lorelei if shes going to run, which was there for a reason, and I have good reason to be worried. Did anyone else catch the bit in the previews for next week where Lorelei says to Luke that she doesnt want to set a date until things are right with Rory? Slowly their relationship is becoming all about Rory the proposal was spurred by Lorelei coming to talk to Luke about Rory, Luke tells Rory about the engagement which causes a fight between he and Lorelei, now the fight with Rory is postponing their wedding. I cant imagine that this bodes well for the future of their relationship.
Not that its all bad. A lot of good still goes on in the surrounding cast, with the grandparents in particular being as humorous as ever with their rich and busy lives. Emilys DAR meeting in this last episode is a perfect example of how they add the something extra thats an integral part of the show. The Stars Hollow townsfolk, as well, are just the same. Its comfortable to return every year to the quirky cast, so much so that I often wish we had more time to check in on them. Is anyone else wondering, for instance, what happened to Lane? Im still waiting for her to make an appearance this year in something besides the show opener and, besides, Rory could definitely use her help right now.

Yet, theres something missing and until the bond is back between Lorelei and Rory, the show will always feel a little off balance. Their banter and interactions are the heart of the show, and I for one cant wait until I get my girls back.

If you like Gilmore Girls, and considering that Rory tried to steal a boat and is now living in the pool house, you might want to tune in to The O.C. if you havent yet. Also consider Everwood, which has a small town, single parent family, and all the drama similar to that of Gilmore Girls.