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Conspiracy theory

Published: October 7, 2005
Section: Arts, Etc.

Editors Note: Lincoln Conspiracy drummer/singer Steve Lourie took some time to talk to The Hoot after a free concert at Chums.

David Pepose: How long have you guys been playing together?
Steve Lourie: Weve been together about two years. Ethan and I grew up together, so weve been in and out of bands, learning each others vibesluckily Stevo just sort of fit in with us.
DP: Which bands have influenced you musically?
SL: Definitely the indie rock sceneon a global sense, we have the Beach Boys, classic rock, Elton John, Sloan, things like that. Were into the Wrens, too. Stevos influences were Stevie Wonder, O-Town
DP: Whats your best CD?
SL: Whats our best CD? [Looks at Stevo, laughs] HmAll of em.
DP: So is it true that this was your last day at your day job?
SL: It really istonight was a celebration. We really like Brandeis, playing amongst Brandeis;

it makes it all that much sweeter to leave. We consider Brandeis our marquee school, theyre just great supporters [WBRS] is a huge supporter, we just appreciate everything theyve done.
DP: Where do you see the bands future headed?
SL: Nonstop touringjust keep people exposed to our music. If we could hand out ice cream on stage, we wouldpeople in Iowa, Kansas are going to hear our music for the first time.
DP: SoLincoln Conspiracy, the Movie. Who would play you guys?
SL: [Chuckles] WowAdrien Brody would play Stevo, since hes been considered a dead ringer. Mark Ruffalo would play Ethan, and Id be played by Robert Brooksor Fred Savage, depending on what kind of movie it is. Yeah, make that Fred Savage.