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Silberman hired as assistant Provost

Published: October 21, 2005
Section: News

With the hiring of Dr. Richard Silberman, Brandeiss search for an Assistant Provost finally ended Sept. 30. Dr. Silberman, who replaces former Special Advisor to the Provost Mary Jean Corbett, officially began his new position Oct. 3.

I am delighted to be joining the Brandeis community, and I look forward to getting to know the University and the people who give it such a sterling reputation, said Silberman.

Silberman holds a PhD in Philosophy from Boston University. He also has written and acted as editor of the Journal of Education.

Provost Marty Krauss was only enthusiastic over her new Assistant. Rick really stood out as an outstanding intellect, she said, a really thoughtful individual who is clearly at home in the academic community. His lifeblood has been in the academic community … I think hes going to work great with the faculty, and with me.

Silbermans many duties include acting as Krausss liason to the Faculty Senate, as well as supporting such faculty committees such as the Task Force on the Tenure Clock, which, according to Krauss Sept. 30 memo to the Faculty, is to determine whether changes in the time to tenure are warranted, on the impact of the Family and Medical Leave Act leaves on the tenure clock, and on whether different policies regarding the tenure clock are advisable for different Schools of the university.

Silbermans largely faculty- and teaching-oriented duties are said to be essential for the Provosts office, which, according to Brandeis website, is charged with [providing] strategic leadership for the community as well as [leading] the academy to achieve the academic mission of the university and to improve quality of the institutions teaching, learning, and scholarship.

The Provosts Office also helps run the School of Arts and Sciences, as well as such institutions as the Heller School and the Rose Art Museum.

Perhaps Silbermans biggest task will be in regards to Brandeis NEASC re-accreditation effort;

Silberman will head the collaboration with the faculty to create a framework for the assessment of student learning.
[We are] developing a way of asking the question [of student learning] with a very Brandeis sort of approach, not an off-the-shelf approach, said Krauss. I think Rick has the mindset to ask that question. You cant have a one-size-fits-all model.

Despite the litany of tasks, Silberman remains confident and excited about his new community. Having spent 35 years in higher education as a student, a teacher, and an administrator, I hope to be able to contribute, over time, to the continuing success of Brandeis.