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NFL Week 6 recap

Published: October 21, 2005
Section: Sports

The field of teams in the NFL has begun to sort itself out into three categories: the winners, the losers, and the in-between teams. The winners are obvious, the four teams with 5 or more wins: The Bengals, the Broncos, the Buccaneers, and the undefeated Indianapolis Colts. The losing teams are equally as obvious, especially the winless Houston Texans. However, in the fog are the dozen plus teams with .500 or better records, some of which will make the playoffs, and some of which wont be anywhere close.

One of the many teams in this mediocre blur is the New England Patriots, at 3-3, who are going into their week 7 bye after a disappointing road loss to the Denver Broncos. The Patriots were crippled by injuries, including, but not limited too, running back Corey Dillon, who did not play, and their wounded secondary. However, some relief looks to be in sight, as Dillon should be well rested and ready to play in week 8, and possibly linebacker Tedy Bruschi. Bruschi, who hasnt played since suffering a minor stroke shortly after his first Pro Bowl appearance last year, has been cleared to play once again. Not only is Bruschi a talented player, but he also brings a heart and intensity back to a defense that has struggled without veteran leadership.

The Dallas Cowboys, who have won their last two games against division opponents, the Giants and Eagles, have rose to the top of the NFC East division. The Cowboys narrowly defeated the New York Giants in overtime, and despite some sloppy play, including four turnovers, managed to win the game.

The Colts have continued to shine this season, with their defense once again playing a crucial role in their 45-28 win over the St. Louis Rams. The Colts defense took the ball from the Rams four times, and each turnover resulted in a score. That type of consistency on both sides of the ball, including close to 150 yards from running back Edgerin James and Peyton Mannings record 86th career touchdown pass to Marvin Harrison, is what it takes to succeed in this league.

Two of the leagues Florida teams met this week with the Buccaneers missing their leading rusher Carnell Williams and with Ricky Williams making his not so triumphant return to the NFL, as he rushed for eight yards on five carries. However, not even Ricky Williams could help the Fins beat the Bucs, as Tampa Bay out-rushed Miami by over a hundred yards with the help of back-up running back Michael Pittman.

Week 7 holds some exciting games, such as the Philadelphia Eagles taking on the San Diego Chargers. Also, Dallass two game win streak will be tested when they go on the road to face the 4-2 Seattle Seahawks. However, one game which has is unlikely to be the most exciting of the season is a match-up between the 6-0 Colts, looking to avoid their first loss, and the hapless Texans.