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Letter to the Editor #2

Published: November 11, 2005
Section: Opinions

To the Editor:
I think public safetys attempts to prevent alcohol-related incidents from happening at Modfest are good-natured, but just not executed correctly. When the rules about underage drinking were not as strict, most people would drink in the Mods where public safety could keep a watchful eye over those getting too drunk.

Now, people pre-game in their rooms and their suites. And if you want to see binge drinking, watch college kids before a party they know theyre not going to be able to get booze at. Trust me, Ive seen it;

the couple of beers pre-game turns into a couple of shots, and before long, the person is well beyond drunk.
Then they stumble through campus, walk across South Street (and weve already seen the perils of that, even while sober), and then end up in the Mods (at least some of them). One would hope they walk, but with so many people heading in one direction, some even get into their cars and drive over. Im not saying to encourage underage drinking (though, shockingly, it still occurs despite the new rules), but I fear the alternative of one drunken person stumbling across or driving on South Street could be far worse.

Andrew Katz 06