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Stein staff stungby WPD

Published: December 9, 2005
Section: News

The Stein restaurant was caught serving alcohol to underage individuals on November 10th and may lose its liquor license, according to Waltham Police.

A compliance check, led by Lieutenant Joseph Brooks of the Waltham Police Department, was performed at the Stein on the 10th to see if there was any possibility of a minor being served alcohol there. The check was an effort to keep the community safe and responsible, and followed all standard guidelines, according to Lieutenant Brooks.

Two people were sent into the restaurant with their authentic under-21 IDs. Massachusetts under-21 IDs are formatted vertically instead of horizontally, and have Under 21 Drivers License printed in red capital letters at the top for easy identification. Upon being seated, their cards were checked, but their waitress still supplied them each with a draft beer, according to police. No charges were pressed against the on duty manager or the waitress, and both continue to work there unaffected.

In the last week of January 2006, a representative from the Stein will be forced to go before the Waltham Liquor Commission and argue their case for retaining their liquor license. Depending on the severity of the infraction, no action may be taken, their license may be suspended for an indeterminate period of time, or it may be revoked entirely such that the Stein would have to reapply for it after a full year had passed. In some cases, a fine could also be negotiated instead. In the meantime, the Stein will continue to be able to serve liquor.

The Stein is an Aramark-owned on-campus restaurant and is often used by faculty and students. It is home to many on-campus functions, including the Take Your Professor to Lunch outreach program and Stein Nights during which events like live music and karaoke take place.

Students who are of legal age can be served beer or wine at the Stein and this is the first time a severe alcohol infraction has occurred there, according to police.
Student reactions were mixed, but there were no strong convictions. I dont particularly care said one senior. Ive ordered alcohol there, but I dont think its a big draw Ive never seen anyone at the bar.

It was speculated by another senior, however, that a dry Stein might have a detrimental effect on attendance during Stein Nights, especially Senior Stein Night.

In light of the sting, Aramark is trying to further educate all levels of employee, including bartenders, wait staff and managers. More training is now taking place to make sure the staff is familiar with proper methods of identification. We are really trying to make sure that our policies are crystal clear to our staff. We dont want to hurt Brandeis image, said Director of Dining Services at Brandeis University Barb Laverdiere.

No one from the Stein could be reached for comment at the time this article was written.