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    Jeffrey Dobereiner

    Better lighting and stakeouts more effective than pistols and bullets

    Obsessing over safety is by no means cool, but having to live in fear is quite unpleasant. I am forced to ask, then, why Brandeis Public Safety dedicates itself wholeheartedly to the wrong things, while leaving gaps which affect the student body.

    Student Union and equal representation

    When I first learned about the position of Senator for Racial Minority Students it was the middle of second semester, last year. Someone I was sitting with said Hmm, I dont know any of the people running for Senator for Racial Minorities. I was rather confused, since I had just finished voting and didnt see the position listed. A little investigative journalism on my part revealed I was sitting with someone who was Asian, whereas I was white. Hence, no vote!

    Obtrusive construction inconveniences students

    Im a big fan of new things. Theyre typically in better shape than old things and often a good deal shinier. Unfortunately, when it comes to renovations and new capital projects at Brandeis, I feel like more of a victim than a beneficiary.

    Tuition, room & board up 4.5%

    Tuition for the next academic year will increase by 4.5%, as will the cost of room and board, according to Acting Associate Vice President for Budget and Planning John Richard.

    Stein staff stungby WPD

    The Stein restaurant was caught serving alcohol to underage individuals on November 10th and may lose its liquor license, according to Waltham Police.