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    Community conversations

    Since 2005 those looking for a forum to discuss and understand community issues found one in The Hoot. When The Hoot was first chartered in 2004, co-founder Igor Pedan told the Justice that he wanted to bring a focus back to the community. With each passing semester The Hoot has evolved to be able to […]

    Hannaford credit card information stolen

    Hannaford and Sweetbay Supermarkets, owned by the Belgium-based Delhaize Group, recently discovered that a computer hacker breached security and stole 4.2 million credit and debit card numbers from their customers. The data was accessed from Hannaford’s computer systems during the card authorization transmission process, explained Mike Norton, a spokesperson for Hannaford Bros. Credit and debit […]

    Residence Life considers subsidizing CA meal plans

    A Department of Residence Life proposal outlining ideas to further compensate Community Advisors with meal plans was presented last Friday to administrators. Currently, according to Rich DeCapua, the Director of Residence Life, Brandeis is one of only a few schools in the area that does not offer incentive programs to become a CA beyond free […]

    Library adjusts 24-hour security

    LTS has implemented changes to increase security, comfort, and relieve stress for the 24/7 session this year in response to overflowing trash, a used condom found in a stairwell, and a group of beer bottles tucked away on Farber Mezzanine during the 24/7 access period in the Brandeis Main Library last semester. During the final […]

    Clubs react to F-board reform

    Performance-oriented clubs reacted this week following an announcement from Treasurer Choon Woo Ha 08 on Sunday that clubs Finance Board funded clubs will no longer be able to charge Brandeis undergrads for admission, services, or items for their events next semester.

    The reform, which will go into effect January 2008, comes in an effort to minimize financial burden to undergraduates. The Student Activities Fee, which all undergraduates currently pay, collectively amounts to about $1 million.

    Pollack to be removed June 2008

    In response to the rapidly rising construction prices in the Boston area, Brandeis University has attempted to accomplish as much of its prioritized scheduled construction as quickly as possible, most recently announcing the future removal of Pollack Fine Arts Teaching Center in June 2008 to make way for the new Edmond J. Safra Center for the Arts.

    Construction work costs may multiply to as much as 300 percent of current levels within a couple of years, explained Dan Feldman, Vice President of Capital Projects. Feldman attributes the rising costs to national and global demand for similar construction supplies and to the high cost of living in Boston. The implication of this is that costs for new building [and for renovations] areincreasing significantly faster than the consumer price index, stated Feldman.

    Brandeis graded C in report on college eco-sustainability

    The Sustainable Endowments Institute, a Cambridge-based nonprofit organization dedicated to sustainability research and education, issued Brandeis a C grade in the 2008 College Sustainability Report Card released Wednesday morning.

    Finance board chooses not to disclose recusals

    Responding to several inquiries from The Hoot, the Finance Board chose not to discuss which of its members recused themselves during the Fall Marathon in September. During that period, the F-board allocated over $186,000 of the Student Activities Fund amongst 97 clubs according to the treasurer's website,

    Construction exacerbates access issues for disabled

    Despite actions being taken by the University, the campus is far from easily accessible for those who are operating wheelchairs, say students. With several construction projects underway, wheelchair users say they are struggling to navigate campus with growing numbers of pot holes on the main road and moving detours.

    Donor gives millions for disability

    After over a year of negotiations, the Nancy Lurie Marks Family Foundation has given the Heller School for Social Policy and Management a $5 million grant to found the Lurie Institute for Disability Policy.