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September 2006 Issue

The story of Lito

All his life he longed for that scene. Or something like it. It came to him only in occasional dreams: That indescribably painful sweetness. Being one of the group, hanging out with friends, belonging. Years would pass, but still those rare dreams would haunt him with their bliss. He would always wake up crying.

Some of you may know him. This is the story of Lito, and how he spent a lifetime searching for that sweet place we all seek. Come, let us walk the streets with him and hear their music. You may hear an oddly familiar tune

Brimming with love of the glove

Why does SSIS sell latex gloves? What do they have to do with sex?

While talk of sex usually focuses on the genitalia, we must not forget the most adaptable, playful, stimulating, and sensual organs of all: our hands. No matter what type of sex you enjoy, be it penetrative, oral, with multiple partners, or by yourself, your hands play a role in play. Dont they deserve the same protection and eroticization afforded to other sexual organs?

Brandeis dining requires reform

Last year, I wrote a Forum piece in the Justice about Brandeis University's dining problems. I commended the University for its qualities, but explained that much more needed to be accomplished. Since then, nothing has been achieved. This is no longer simply a hassle, no longer just something about which students are complaining;

this is a serious issue with an outcome that affects the health and well-being of all members of the Brandeis community.

More free-range options do exist

Since coming to Brandeis University this fall, Ive eaten only vegan and vegetarian foods. I am already bored with these limited options, but I make sure to eat a protein-rich food every day, and so far, no health crises have resulted. However, it would be wonderful to no longer poke at cold tofu day after day.

Working hard at hardly working

Now that were safely a month into the school year, I thought it was about time to give the freshmen some sound words of advice on how to steer their academic careers. Perhaps some of you are overwhelmed with the amount of work that has been piled on in the last few weeks and you arent sure quite how youre going to survive. Most likely, many of you are the studious, over-achieving types who want to ensure the best grades and stellar GPAs. I used to be just like that, so rest assured that this wisdom comes from a knowing source. As a now reformed over-achiever, I am taking it upon myself to let you in on a few very important tips. (Keep in mind, this is coming from an English major. Science people can throw my advice straight out the window. Good luck with the MCATS.)

Editorial: Accessibility?

Years ago, the universitys Student Union consistently issued press releases every month, with topics ranging from racism on campus to Turkey Shuttles.
Communication between the press and student government was facilitated by these releases, and they conveyed an eagerness by the union to involve the student body in current happenings.

A transfer says thanks

I sat across from my friends mother as we discussed my future. Ugly girls, she warned. Brandeis has ugly girls. She tried desperately to convince me to attend a bigger, more traditional university with, I assume, prettier girls. I heard all the arguments, excuses and Jewish jokes on why not to attend Brandeis. However, against conventional wisdom, I decided to transfer here and so far, I conclude that 1) This place is strange but 2) I love strange so much that coming to Brandeis may be the best decision of my lifetime.

New Vice President of Budget and Planning announced

Peter French, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, announced on Tuesday that Francis A. Drolette has been hired as the Vice President for Budget and Planning. As the Universitys primary budget officer, French wrote, the Vice President for Budget and Planning coordinates the preparation, implementation and analysis of the Universitys annual operating budget of over $200 million and the annual capital budget of $40 million.

Union presents shuttle proposal

A proposal for a new shuttle to the Green Line is being presented to Public Safety this week, Student Union sources said Wednesday.

Panel cites changing immigration ideas

A discussion panel entitled Uncovering the Myths of US Immigration was held Wednesday night in the Shapiro Campus Center Atrium. The panelists were Ali Noorani, Nadia Kim, Lucia Reyes de Deu and Alejandra Pineros-Shields.