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September 2006 Issue

TV on the Radio delivers one Mountain of goods

This is it;

this is the album that music lovers have been waiting for, despite the fact that most people have yet to be aware of it.

Due date for Arts Fest grant extended

Every year, the Office of the Arts funds aspiring performers and artists within the Brandeis community. Undergrads, grads, as well as staff and faculty, are all welcome and encouraged to apply for Festival Grants.

Welcome back overseas: AreturntoDaufuskie

In his book, Pat Conroy called it Yamacraw Island to protect its anonymity, knowing that even a place seemingly forgotten by time would need protection from times onslaught. Its true name is Daufuskie: An enchanting, heartbreaking corner of America where agriculture, slavery, history, faith, poverty, real estate, and culture collide.

As Genocide continues, so do we

We are all here because everybody is fed up in watching no action on Darfur, while we have been watching rolling genocide, former U.S. Secretary of State Madeline Albright said as she spoke from the stage at Sundays rally in New York City to help end the Genocide in Darfur, Sudan.

South is the new center

The Administration has been working on a South Campus Development Project to vitalize the lower region of campus, and the team recently released the plan.

Plug up the leaks, not the reporters

Im more of a hard news kind of guy I like talking to people, getting their side of the story, and leaving my personal biases out of it. So can somebody please tell the Student Union that?

Brandeis housing: lets not overdo it

Upgrading stale dorms and creating more housing for students is a welcomed process by the community, however, the administration ought to resist the growing trend of universities to build posh dorms.

To the Editor: Union election not as flawed as descibed in article

I feel that there were some inaccuracies in last week's elections coverage which should be corrected.

Get your facts straight before you raise a ‘hoot’

I am very disappointed about two pieces from the Septr th issue of The Hoot: David Peposes news story, Voting system failure in close Treasurer Race and the papers editorial, Democracy in jeopardy.

Terraforming our own planet

Terraforming may some day be able to render the planets closest to us, such as Mars and Venus, suitable habitats for humans. Skeptics should be reminded that Earth is itself a terraformed planet.