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October 2006 Issue

The Hoot gets Klasko’s Goat

Continuing the series of Hoot interviews with student directors, I recently had a chance to sit down with the enormously busy David Klasko 07 and have a chat about the play he has been directing, which is running this weekend in the Shapiro Theater.

Memoirs of a conservative at Brandeis University Part I

Before I came out, I was riddled with fear and anxiety. Why did I feel different from everybody else, and what would they think of me when I told them my true feelings? My family, my friends, and just about everyone would judge me differently, and I didnt want to break the flow that the whole world around me was following. With much thought and a lot of soul-searching, I finally came out of the closet. I am not talking about relating any differences about sexuality preferences, but merely discussing the intense adversity I faced when I finally came to grips with myself and posted the title of Conservative on my facebook profile.

From Modfest to Purple Rain

It seems like everyone has been talking about moratoriums these days. It began with Modfest.

Union designing new policy to track club events and leadership

The Student Union has started to draft a policy wherein the Union Treasurer would compile reports on the success of chartered club events and club leadership that would be used to determine future funding, according to Treasurer Choon Woo Ha 08 and a Union memo obtained by The Hoot. Financial board (F-board) members who attend events would be encouraged to submit these reports.

German-Jewish Dialogue event examines role of WWII marketing

On Monday, Oct. 23, the German-Jewish Dialogue at Brandeis hosted visiting speaker Ulrike Dittrich. The event, entitled “Concentration Camp Souvenirs: Pieces of Memory or Objects of Commercial Mass Production?,” was based upon Dittrichs Ph.D. thesis project “Concentration Camp and Holocaust Keepsakes objects of memory in everyday life: semiotic narratives in the scope of holocaust site tourism and event culture.”

Pachanga crowd requires Public Safety intervention

Public Safety Officers intervened to control a crowd of students attempting to enter Pachanga, the International Club-sponsored dance that occurred Saturday night after the crowd began pushing towards the entrance, injuring one student. The officers shut the doors to the event for approximately fifteen minutes and reopened them once order was restored in the crowd.

Conservation efforts: AMST 191 works to protect Sachar Woods

As part of a classroom initiated project, students from Professor Laura Goldins course Greening the Ivory Tower (AMST 191b), planted blueberry bushes behind the Sachar International Center in an attempt to slow erosion and preserve the state of the Sachar Woods wetland. Children and caretakers from the Lemberg Childrens Center and members of Brandeis Facilities Services also participated in the project.

Admin. announces newest housing plan

The administration announced Oct. 13 that Ridgewood Quad would likely be destroyed in spring 2007 to make space for two to three new residence halls.

Union bringing “Purple Rain”

The Student Union has scheduled an event for October 20th entitled Purple Rain, after the 1984 film and soundtrack created by Prince. The event is to be held on the Great Lawn, and will be the first Brandeis event at which the new Civic Responsibility Model will be implemented.

Campus goes dark Thursday evening

Thursday evening, portions of campus lost electrical power for roughly ninety minutes. The areas affected were: the Shapiro Campus Center, the Science Center, the North Academic Quad, the North Residence Quad, Kutz, Goldfarb, Rosenthal Quad, Massell Quad, the Administration Building, Usdan, Sherman, and the Faculty Center. According to a campus-wide email sent by Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer Peter French, the cause of the outage is under investigation.