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September 2007 Issue

Men’s b-ball takes ‘unforgettable’ trip a Italia

Italy. Un bel paese, a beautiful country, as any Italian would explain. A land of remarkable art, history, architecture, andbasketball?

Israeli star leaves mark on U.S. Open

Justine Henin may have taken home the hardware, her second United States Open title (and seventh career Grand Slam title);

however, it was Israeli phenom Shahar Peer who felt the most at home at the U.S. Open this September. If you dont know who she is: read on. If you do know who she is: read on.

Cross Country faces first big test of the year

After taking a week off from competition, the Mens and Womens cross country teams both ran at UMASS Dartmouth in the Dartmouth Invitational this weekend, with much success for both squads. There were thirty-one teams in the field at the event, making it the Judges first big meet of the year, and the Mens team was able to place third, while the Womens team earned fifth.

Brandeis website redesign to go public in November

The Office of Communications, in collaboration with Web and Library Application Services (WaLAS), will be launching a redesigned Brandeis University website by the end of November this year. This will be the first layout redesign the website has undergone since its last update in December 2004.

Fires occur in Village kitchen

Residents of the Village Quad were evacuated from their building last Thursday after a fire occurred in a common kitchen area. The fire, which occurred in Village 2A, was caused when a student left a plastic cutting board on a lit stove.

Public Safety issues warning after car break-ins and thefts

Three cars with shattered side windows were found at the Charles River apartment parking lots Wednesday morning by Brandeis police officers on patrol, said sources from the Department of Public Safety.

The new and improved Massell Quad Pond

By now both new and returning Brandeis students have noticed the new fountain in Massell Pond. The installation of the fountain, however, is only the more visible outcome of a project begun around this time last year. This past summer the pond was partially dredged and cleaned as the result of a study conducted last year at the urging of Student Union representatives and Massell Quad residents. “When talking with Massell residents, the pond was something that came up quite often,” recalls Jason Gray ('10), last year's Massell Quad Senator. “So we brought it to the attention of Mark Collins [Vice President of Operations] and worked together to find a solution.”

Mad for MavenHaven

Jason Lustig seems like the typical Brandeis senior: Hes twenty-two years old, a double major in near eastern and Judaic studies and computer science, a UDR for the latter, active in Hillel, and a founding member of campus Zionist magazine Chalav UDvash. Like many other college students, he also manages his own website and a writes in his blog, Its an impressive resume, but not exceptional among the overachievers of Brandeis University. What does set Jason apart is his position as the CTO of his own start-up website which already has offices in Israel, New York, Boston, and London: the new and innovative
The idea originally came from a friend of Jasons, Aharon Horowitz, a recent graduate of Columbia University. He envisioned a simpler and easier way to connect great content with great programming. The great content would be mavens experts in a field who had something to offer to a community. The great programming would fall to the havens, organizations and event planners looking for interesting and captivating speakers or performers. Together, in 2006, Jason, Aharon, and Ariel Beeny of NYU worked to make the idea a reality.

Alex the parrot’s death touches campus

Two weeks ago, Brandeis and Dr. Irene Pepperberg (PSYC) lost an important member of the community–Alex the African Grey Parrot. 31 years old, Alex had worked with Dr. Pepperberg for the past thirty years and accomplished feats that no one would have imagined possible for a bird.

Facilities Dept. deserves thanks

I owe part of my soul, and definitely my sanity, to the Facilities Department. On more than one occasion – try twenty-three times just last year – they have gotten me out of a bind with my room (it was in such bad condition my roommate and I started keeping a running tab on all the work orders we had to place just to function).